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SARM Cycle Gave Me Gyno

Hi everyone I’m a 21 experienced lifter and i decided to do an ostarine cycle . I’ve always been prone to holding fat in my chest area and probably was prone to gyno too.

I took ostarine for a week at 20mg and noticed a change in my nipples getting puffy itchy and soft . It’s been 2 months since i stopped taking it , i wanted to see if it’s gonna reverse on its own but it didn’t. I started taking nolvadex 3 days ago 20mg a day and i feel like it’s actually getting worse. Should i still wait for the nolvadex to do its work? I want to know the most effective way to try and reverse this gyno .I’m really insecure about this and can’t afford surgery so I’m asking for your help . Thanks

How sure are you that you were taking ostarine and not some cheap prohormone mix?

My understanding is gyno from ostarine is very unlikely. I’m not even sure how it would happen. Especially after a week.

You need to go get your bloods drawn figure out where your hormones are at before trying to treat a problem that you have no idea where its coming from.

do you have excess fat or a hard nod like lump behind nipple?

Thanks for your time. My libido is back to normal and i feel totally fine i think my test is back to its normal state . Should i get bloodwork ? If so what are the hormones i need to know where they’re at except my test and estrogen ?

I have some fat but that’s not the problem, my nipples got puffier , soft and i got a small lump under my left nipple . I can differentiate between fat and breast tissue forming but still soft .

Look if you actually have some legit real gyno happening just go see a doctor and confirm it and get it treated that way. I don’t think you have the experience to be dabbling in drugs and trying to solve this problem on your own

I am surely not experienced in drugs and I’ve seen a doctor and done a mammography. He said that i have a really mild gyno on my left breast and that i shouldn’t do anything. I know I’ll sound stupid but i still want to get my chest and nipples and chest as they were before.

If you don’t like the answer from him take the test results to another doctor get a few opinions.

I just can’t suggest you treat it in your own and for me to suggest a protocol having never met you or assessed the situation in person would be completely irresponsible.

I’ll do that thanks for your time brother i appreciate it !

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yeah you’re 21, if you dont’ have a lot of fat on your chest maybe you wont or at least other people won’t notice it.

maybe take nolva for a few months, see if it diminishes it then wait like 5 years and if it is still bothering you then get it removed.