SARM Albut Cycle

A week and a half ago I started my 5 week cycle of S4, Ostraine, ALbuterol

Stats 5’11 233 12% bf

50mg S4 split into two doses 5 weeks (5on 2off)
12mg Albut 2 does of 6mg 2 weeks on 1 off 2 on
12.5mg Ostraine 1 dose 5 weeks (6on 1off)

Also using HCGenerate while on along with Bilberry for vision sides

My PCT will be Hcgenerate for an additional week, along with 1 week of clomid at 25mg

Still have yet to experience the vision sides and I am in the middle of my second week.
My muscle stamina, and stamina are through the roof. No noticeable strength gains - I am training 5 days a week ( Chest, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Back) cardio everyday. I am down 4lbs and appear a bit leaner. Has anyone tried a stack similar to this if so advice, criticisms etc etc. I will update every week or so.

Following for sure

I will starting a Albuterol cycle in a week or two

From what I’ve read, you can run Albuterol for up to 4 weeks and dosing should be split into 3 throughout the day because of the short half life - correct me if I’m wrong

2 weeks on 1 week off sounds like a Clen protocol