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Sarin Gas Attack in Syria


Boy that ‘Red Line’ sure worked… ’ Oh Russia will take.care of.it and we can just sit back now that Assad turn all his chemical weapons over to Russia for destruction.
That was a great idea… See no chemical attacks…wait, there have been several chemical attacks.



Found em.


In Trump’s official response to the attack, he blamed Obama’s weakness and failure to make good on the red line threat. But, Trump had scores of tweets during the time of that crisis advising us to stay out of Syria and not get involved:


This is shitty. What is the Admin’s official stance on Syria?


Depends on Trump’s mood


Curious that this comes mere days after Tillerson said Assad’s fate was up to the Syrian people.


Was a pretty obvious message to the “Syrian People” that Assad still has a potent chemical arsenal that will be used without the West doing a damn thing. Should ensure Assad doesn’t have to deal with any pesky insurrection from here on out…

I can’t really blame Tillerson though, at this point I don’t see anything we could do. That ship sailed years ago


Sure. But also, his tweets are just as schizophrenic at that time as they are now–you see right next to each other tweets alternating “don’t get involved” and “we are allowing Syria to laugh at us” and “how can the general say there will be no consequences for delaying Syrian strikes”.

Basically he didn’t know then what he wanted either.


Why don’t we just assassinate Assad with polonium 210 and blame the Russians?


That’s the advantage of taking every available position on the issue.

You’re always right.


How could I miss that? Crazy…like a fox!


I mean, you’re always wrong too, but you just don’t have to admit to being wrong.

Just pretend the times you were right happened, the times you were wrong didn’t, and you’re golden.

Aragon/ActivitiesGuy 2020!


It’s genius. I’m on board! Let’s bring back logic and rationality…and whiskey!


Isn’t that what biased media is for? NYT/Salon/Huffpo cover for Obama and Fox/Breitbart/Drudge cover for Trump.

Nobody ever has to be wrong again.

While I’m against entitlements I would vote for @Aragon if he promised “whisky in every liquor cabinet”. No government whisky though. It has to be middle shelf at least. Say Jim Beam or better.



Jim is mid shelf huh…



Ever drink Old Crow or worse? Bankers Club? You’d be begging for Jim Beam. Lmao.


And there’s the sole reason you’ll never be elected right there.


I don’t care what Trump had to say. Everybody but obama thought that the deal with Russia to “remove” the chemical weapons was a bad idea.

I hated that ‘Red Line’ deal from the start and as we can see, it was a sham, a complete ruse, a complete and total embarrassment for American leadership.


If the gov. did to whiskey what has been done to cheese, there would be another rebellion.


As an FYI, my phone went nuts and I couldn’t finish the post. I didn’t actually think it saved. But here it is, incomplete. I finished it somewhat. I had a lot more to say last night, but the point is made. The Red Line was more like a punch line to jokes Assad made.