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Sardine Taste


Sardines... no question a great source of protein/oils.

But what about taste... What's everyone's favorite brand?


Love sardines in tomato paste. I don’t eat any other flavors, like sardines plain or in oil.


Sardines are hard to chike down if you just eat them by the can. I bought a surplus supply of them at costco because this old guy saw me looking at them, and said, “Those are the great. You’re going to like them.” Even though i didn’t know this old guy, he had a strangely familiar and trustworthy quality about him, so I went ahead and bought them. Long story short, I have several cans left. I’m thinking about putting them on Craigslist, unless someone posts a good recipe on here.


I actually grew to like them over the past year. 2 Cans go down damn easy (in the oil), and at about 400 cal and 50g prot in two cans, you can still eat something else with them and really watch your daily numbers climb.



King Oscar is the best quality, IMO (of the brands I have tried). They also cost just a little bit more. King Oscar has them in olive oil, which I think is ideal… in water is okay but not as tasty. Other stuff (in mustard, in hot sauce etc)… well I would prefer to use my own choice of mustard or hot sauce if I am going to go that route.


I buy Beach Cliff Sardines, mainly because they are little cheaper (.92) vs. another brand that is $2. I really enjoy eating sardines mmmmm


I eat them, they make the perfect travel snack (although those sitting next to me may disagree). I buy them packed in water and either eat them plain or put a little “Pappy’s Moonshine xxxHot BBQxxx Sauce” on them.


Chicken of The Sea and BeechCliff, doused in hot sauce.


Good stuff.

Though they look like they’ll taste pretty fishy, they’re real easy to eat and downright delicious with hot sauce. Canned salmon actually ends up tasting way fishier.


I had some at my fathers house for the first time and he put them on crackers,cheese and a bite of apple.Tasted pretty good.


Love-em. Best are the ones in mustard sauce, (you get a dose of tumeric this way also). I still cant get past eating the guts, so I have to open them up, and scrape out the black goo crap before I eat them. They are very low in contaminants, but if there are any, my GUESS is thats where you will find most of them.

Then again, I may be wrong.


Surprised nobody has done the whole “Blind guy walks up to the fish market” joke.

But yeah I’ve always eaten fish, and never really minded the smell/taste. But my favorite part of sardines is their bones. And usually i get them in tomato sauce and add in some chilli flakes/powder


Goya in tomato sauce. Tasty, and it’s the cheapest. By a wide margin – perhaps half the cost by weight.

At least in my supermarket, it’s not found with the canned meats, but in the ethnic foods section.

I don’t know if the EPA/DHA content is as high as cold-water-caught fish though. These may be caught off the coast of Spain or someplace like that. Not sure. They are larger than typical sardines.


King Oscar sardines in mustard sauce FTW!


I cleared out the cafe eating a tin of stinky sardines in olive oil when I was in school last year. They tasted great and I’m healthy because all they serve in the cafe are hot pockets. HAHA I win!


They are a convenient snack for sure, they just stink to holy hell.


Prepare them as you would a can of tuna.


Uh, in my case, that is, open and eat with a fork?