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Sarcoplasim hypertrophy

What’ the BETTER/ Tut:5.0.5(FOR 5 REPS) OR 10.0.X for 5 reps or 8.0.3 for 5 ?

The key is to never consider one thing the best and have variety in your training. TUT really is overrated as was pointed out in Chad Waterburys article this week(or last week) My suggestion to you would be to do em all but switch em up every 4-6 weeks. Also don;t get caught up in counting total seconds of the set. The basic guidleines to go by are if you want to gain strength lift heavy and fast, if you want to gain muscle lift moderately heavy and slowly, and if endurance is what you want lift light and slow and for many reps.
I would suggest you read through the training articles on T-mag and pick one that appeals to you and do it for six weeks. Let them worry about TUT and just do what the article suggests. There are so many effective training programs on this site you could go through them all and not be done for a year.
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TUT isn’t overrated, its just broadly misunderstood. its a guideline and that is all, all the proponents (intelligent ones) of TUT have said “if you’re the average trainee, and you’re looking for hypertrophy, you will probably see optimal gains in the x second bracket of TUT.” many people have gone to ASSUME that this means hypertrophy can’t take place outside TUT of x seconds, which is not a logically correct inference from the above statement.

TUT is borderline junk. too much emphasis on an oversimplified concept, one that originated from mr. Nautilus, Arthur Jones.

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Yup, IMO over-rated. Just another factor you may take into account in your arsenal of training methods. Need more than TUT to create a good workout/stimulus to growth.SRS