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Sarah Palin Resigns



Good. I hope we never hear from the Pig again... and if she ever wins the Presidency, I'm leaving this country.


all I want to know is playboy next?


I'd "settle" for an episode on Milf Hunter.


how about her and the daughter on fuck my mom and me?


I can't remember the main stream media destroying anyone faster and with more viciousness than Sarah Palin. I have no idea why she resigned as Governor, however whatever she does I wish her peace and success.


She said that she wants to pursue things "in the best interest of this country," alot of people are speculating it is the presidency. She is also taking alot of flack for leaving before her term is up. But quite honestly, she is stupid to think she would be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, and the attacks on her would probably be even worse than when she ran with McCain.

The Repubs need a good candidate, but she is not it. It would be ironic however, if people were so pissed and fed up with Obama, to actually vote for her for that simple reason. That was one big factor for Obama in the '08 election, so many people were pissed at Bush that they wanted nothing to do with the Republicans. Again this is alot of speculation at this point.


That stupid cunt destroyed herself by going on TV acting and sounding like a fucking retaded piece of garbage. The fact that she could be so close to leading the America disgusts me on so many levels I can't even put it into words.

If she ended up in the presidency, I would seriously consider leaving this country and saying "Fuck you" to everyone.


Damn Irish, tell us how you really feel why don't you?

My guess though is that she's caught up in some scandal. I liked her, but wouldn't want her for president. I don't think she's as dumb as everyone made her out to be, but she's a "cornservative", not a conservative.



There's no limit to my enmity for that thing.


It's really incredible considering that her term would have ended in December 2010, just in time to start a presidential run. Does she really think 18 months of speaking to Christian focus groups will do more for her career than actually serving as governor?

edit: okay, I take that back. Looking at the way she did it, it seems more like a scandal or a breakdown or something, not opportunism.


You know the Dems greatest attack will be something along the lines of..."Sarah Palin left Alaska as governor, and she will also leave you the American people as president." I also think there is a scandal brewing. She didn't even contact the Lt. Governor to notify him of her decision, why such rush action for a critical decision? Something stinks in Wasilla.


From her speech: "We can affect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference."

This is absolutely priceless...she is leaving her executive post to become A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER!? Oh, what a difference a few months makes.

On a serious note, her passage about not wasting millions of taxpayer dollars sounds to me like something is brewing on the horizon that she doesn't feel she can get in front of. If there is a scandal coming and she thought she could spin any sort of believable explanation, then she would stay and fight, or at least that is the impression I've gotten from her. Whatever is coming must be big enough to scare a "bulldog with lipstick" Her tone in the speech was even rushed and unsteady and she seemed lacking composure (ie gasping for air almost like in an anxiety attack) so I don't think she was very confident in her future.

Good luck on your Appalachian hike, Governor.


You know the old joke about Sarah Palin's mouth and vagina. Horribly offensive and politically incorrect. And pure comic gold.


If I interview you for 4 hours and edit it down to 40 minutes I guarantee I can make you look like a moron. I can do the same thing with Obama, Biden, Boxer heck even Albert Einstein if he was alive.

Palin is a very bright individual who was made to look foolish by a very liberal pro Obama media.


My hunch is that she's been offered some very serious money to have her own talk show. Call me crazy but I think I'm right.


Possibly or an illness of some type.


Dude, you crazy. You don't step down from a governorship for that. It would have to be an obscene payout for a professional politician to end their career forever.


Since she is so fond of sports analogies...You don't get into the NFL unless you're an elite, one-in-a-million athlete, but the Cincinnati Bengals still suck ass. It's their own game play that loses games, not the other team.


Ha! Keep telling yourself that. The liberal media certainly exploited the situation and did its best to portray Palin in a poor light. But she could not have been made to look stupid without the stupid comments, non-answer answers, and fundamental ignorance of key issues.