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Sarah Palin Interview with Katie Couric


I was just wondering what T-Nationers think

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Not ready for prime time. And that's putting it lightly. You can see now why McCain is trying to move (or quietly cancel) the VP debate on grounds of "emergency."

I feel bad for her, seems like a good woman and maybe a great governor. As Bob Ley says in the old Sportcenter ad, "Bottom line, he just came out too soon."


That made me cringe.There is just no way that McCain and his advisers can honestly believe that she is ready for the job at hand.After watching that,her being picked for the VP spot now really looks more like a desperation play than a master stroke.

And what is really sad is that if everything goes tits up for McCain,he could take her with him and ruin what could have been a long and prosperous political career for her.

Time will tell.


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That was a tough interview?

It was Katie Friggin' Couric.


Oh please. Compared to the kind of shit Hillary routinely dealt with, that was a ridiculous softball question. You really expect ANY reporter to not address the assertion that proximity to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience?

Katie was nice to not press further and let it go when she failed to answer whether she had any negotiations or interaction with Russia whatsoever. Please try to achieve some semblance of credibility.


Doesn't change my anti-Obama vote. It's suprisingly liberating to vote against someone, instead of for someone. I'm not even keeping up with the McCain/Palin campaign, really. Nor, do I have to defend them against everything.


What's interesting in the tone these interviews take. Or more specifically how the tone and questions are different for Palin (VP) and Obama (POTUS). It's obvious they are trying to play stump the chimp with Palin.


It's working!


It was stupid campaigning to begin with. They shouldn't conceded the point from the beginning. Pointed out Obama's own inexperience. Pointed out that Palin was learning all the time under McCain's tutelage. Maybe not in those words and maybe with some more finesse.

But it would play better than trumping up something that doesn't exist. At the least, the campaign should've refrained from ludicrous statements like trying to pass off proximity [but zero interaction] with a foreign country and stopover in Ireland as foreign policy experience.

But then again, America is pretty stupid. Maybe the ridiculousness won't resonate how it should.


Ever considered that's one of the biggest problems in our politics?


These are not difficult questions. Nor are they traps. It just happens that there are no good answers.


Oh, it is. But, after waiting to see what our third parties had to offer up, meh. Barr, Baldwin? So, now I have to face the reality of a possible Obama Presidency.

At first, I was willing to tolerate this, and withold my vote from the Republican nominee. However, Obama's associations trouble me far too much. I believe the guy is much further to the left than he lets on.


She did seem clueless. I don't think that's much of a scoop. It's not like anyone thought she was a Nobel Prize laureate or anything of the sort.

What surprised me, is this supposedly die-hard conservative defending up to a trillion from the taxpayers' pockets to bailout the rich and powerful. Can anyone explain that to me please?


Because we are in a financial crisis. And many financial experts feel it is unfortunately necessary to avoid a depression. It's one thing to support deregulation in the first place.

It's another to cling to a hands-off position at all costs when the damage has already been done. And it's not a true bailout. Many financial experts, including Warren Buffet, believe the government is likely to reap a profit from the arrangement in the longrun.


Wow. That was painful to watch. I know many run-of-the-mill cabbies who are more knowledgeable & articulate than this.


Yeah, but most of them don't live near Russia. They haven't been in Ireland's airport either.


Fortunately, no one in their right mind watches CBS news.


Fortunately I don't even have a television. I don't know who this Katie chick is but she's kinda hot. Anyway, I think she (Katie) was extremely accommodating towards Palin - obviously she could have made the interview a lot more painful than she did. It's amazing how Palin seemed so good behind a teleprompter.