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Sarah Palin and Paul Revere


No thoughts, no opinions... Just waiting for this thread to erupt so I can enjoy the reading. :slight_smile:


Wow...just wow.



I'm given to understand, from many people on this board, that Sarah Palin would make a great President. The same people maintain she is no more ignorant, or ridiculous a choice than Obama. Huh? Really? She just failed 3rd grade history on national television.


I laughed than I threw up , then I laughed some more :slight_smile:


I read somewhere that this was in response to a reporter just blatantly asking, as though this were part of an elementary school quiz: "Who was Paul Revere?" I don't know how I would handle such a patronizing question, but it probably wouldn't be good.

Though obviously the take-home message, and it's something we all already knew, is that this woman is stupendously ignorant.


Yeah it's clear that the reporter hoped Palin would gaffe it when he/she asked the question... looks like he's getting a raise. :stuck_out_tongue:


Jesus fucking christ.


I'd hit that sexy milf for sure


fuck I am a historian and I havent heard of paul revere before, damn I feel ignorant :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never been one of those people.


I consider myself a Conservative, but I would not stand behind her for office. She is great at organizing the Tea Party and that should be her place, but not much more than that.


Well, he is an American revolutionary figure and you're from Norway so don't feel too bad. I am a history buff and I am sure there are many notable national heros from the Continent I don't know of.

In other news, fuck me running that was a terrible answer. I think she is getting stupider as time goes on.


When are you going to begin a thread on the many mistakes that Vice President Joe Biden makes? Or for that matter recently Obama thought it was 2008. Oh wait...I forgot we should only point out republicans errors.

What was I thinking?

Carry on.


oh c'mon ZEB. I'm not going to research all of Biden's past gaffes (there's too many) and compile/post it. I only posted this because it happened recently, and because I like reading the following comments, such as yours. :smiley:

How about this. Next time Biden gaffes it up, which will probably be soon, I'll be the first one to post it up. K?


Anyways... I personally don't think it's a big deal, I just think it's funny. I understand why she'd get chewed up for this, but god damn, it IS a hard question to answer on the spot when the last time you read about Paul Revere was in 3rd grade elementary school. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that's the Andy that I've come to know and respect. I don't think you'll have to wait too long. Wasn't Biden caught sleeping during Obama's address to Congress? He's real winner. Bet Obama dumps him and picks up Hillary for 2012.


I think there is a difference between someone with an extremely busy and stressful life writing down the wrong date, and whatever it was that happened in this video. I can't tell what exactly she is trying to say, but it definitely hints at the notion that she actually didn't know who Revere was.

You have a point about Biden though. Some of that guy's fuck-ups are legendary.


No way.


Hey what about obama telling us we have 57 states. Its funny that you guys attack a woman who is not in office. And too the guy who said of Obama being to tired to remember its 2011, he is not to tired to be golfing correct.