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Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Thoughts?

I’ve been clear that I think Pence comes off like Scott Farkus’s Toadie, and IMO has compromised himself Politically (some would say morally) in his frequent defense of the indefensible.

For some reason I can’t completely explain; I just don’t feel quite the same about Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Why is that?

I thought that his pic of her probably said it all. She seems to come to the Podium already exhausted by another day of her Bosses antics.

In the end; I think she publishes a successful memoir; makes millions on the Conservative Lecture Circuit…certainly makes in the six-figures hired by some Conservative Think Tank…maybe even runs for office…

Or maybe she just lives a quiet Life of obscurity?

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I’m still weeding though my feelings and thoughts about her.

What say YE’ about Ms. Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

She treats the press with open contempt and condescension. IMO, this is entirely calculated–a way to reinforce and amplify the POTUS’s deplorable ‘the MSM is fake news–don’t believe them’ demagoguery. For these reasons, I find her deplorable.


I think she just has RBF and you two are attacking her disability. Inside, she’s probably a very enthusiastic person.


Useful idiot. Her condescension is a cover for her knowing she is out of her depth.


For SURE Sanders has a SERIOUS Resting Bitch Face, dchris! No doubt about that!

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Because she’s a bitch, and bitchy women are the best kind of women.

Seriously, I love women who wear their “bitch badge” with pride, and I think it commands a certain amount of respect. That perfect blend of confidence and arrogance you know?

I would argue it comes from a lack of confidence.


No question about that. Now…some would say they deserve it…or that she is “just doing her job”…

However; with that said…I do think that she has shown extreme contempt for some damn good journalist with legitimate, well-thought out questions…

Some probably would say they deserve it. They just tend to be those Zeb level people that think the media isn’t a direct reflection of American viewpoints. They’re businesses after all. It’s not like cater to the masses is a new construct.

Some of the utter horse shit that she is asked though…

Plenty of “journalists” do deserve contempt, and to imply that being a “journalist” somehow makes one immune to it is a pretty bad, if not outright dangerous world view.

I’ve read plenty of articles on taxation or any number of business topics, from reputable sources that cover business issues on the regular, where in the “journalist” has no idea wtf they are talking about, and shouldn’t have been published.

That she does it to everyone is just equity. You know, egalitarian.

Does Steve Bannon deserve contempt?

How about Milo or Shaprio?

As individual people, all of them are probably worth of some contempt. As “the media,” (a la Sanders/Trump) contempt directed at them directly is laughably childish.

They have contempt for one another.

So Matt Drudge should have a “seat at the table” next to Cronkite then?

What is so magical about these people’s keyboards and print pieces that suddenly makes holding them in contempt “laughably childish”?

What other professions make someone immune to contempt?

You know, at first I thought it was all just a little bit of sour grapes about trump support that they blew up on twitter to gather more pageviews for each other, and then Milo sent the “black baby” tweet, and I sort of got the feeling that yes, the feud was very very real and very personal.

They occupy such different spaces, other than Brietbart, they shouldn’t have any connection to bother fighting with each other about.

Never remotely implied that, Beans.

I would think that in some twisted way even Assange considers himself a “Journalist”? (purveyor of “truth” maybe?)…whatever he his…he has earned contempt of the highest order…

With that said…that Press Room has some Top-Notch Journalist that ask a lot of question that appear to be reasonable and well thought out. (Note: I admit a “CBS” bias and its group of Journalist…whom are often up-front. I think they are Pros from Top to Bottom).

ALL of these spokespeople like Sanders get asked horse shit…but guess what? They often give it back with flies on top.

I would go so far as to say that horse shit questions are the exception, not the rule.

Shes loyalty pledged her soul to the prince of Orangeness. She will say and do whatever he says like all the other cronies. I miss Spicy he was way more fun. Shes like Bill Billicheck just boring… What did she do before this anyhow?

Does she have contempt for the individuals or the profession?

As I said above, as individual people, all of them are probably worthy of some contempt

Nothing, as said above.

None, as said above.

No, not you.

Yes. It’s literally her job to lie and bullshit. It’s what that position has entailed for as long as it’s been a “thing”. The electorate doesn’t care, this much is obvious, we keep electing liars.

Does it really matter?

So what then changes from this to it being “laughably childish”?

Yes. Someone in the federal government who has contempt for the press, the free press, belongs in a Banana Republic.