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Sapp - Lashley


I'm curious to see how Lashley will do. This in my opinion, is his toughest test to date. Although Sapp is anything but a serious fighter, his size and athleticism makes him a threat. He has fought some of the top fighters in the world.

What really makes this very interesting is that Sapp's size will neutralize Lashley's strength, which is wrestling. He will not be able to control a 365 pound Sapp on the ground like he did Guida. If it comes down to striking, can Lashley really hold his own against someone who has stood with some of the best in K-1 kickboxing?

It should be interesting to watch.



I love MMA right now. There is just so much going on. There has not been one weekend this summer that I have not been excited about some fight.


Also, does anyone know why Bobby Lashley did not go on the Ultimate Fighter? That would have been a win-win for him and Zuffa. He would have pulled in quite a few of his WWE fans, plus he would have gotten mad publicity.

The only thing I can think of is that he is already expected to come in to the UFC, and maybe fighting it out on the show reduces his chances.


All he has to do is get one or two clean shots on Sapp....and we all know how the rest goes when that happens. Still will be interesting to see what happens though.


If he wins he'll get signed to a pretty crappy tuf contract that he probably already beats now. If he loses it will already tarnish pretty green career.


Not sure how Lashley will do but he might be able to control Sapp on the ground pretty well. Kazuyuki Fujita was able to control Sapp pretty well on the ground in their fight. I will assume Lashley is a better wrestler then Fujita. Guess we'll find out when the fight happens.


Just another mass monster freak show if you ask me. I expect to see lashley and the like get hyped like kimbo did. I'm just not impressed with their skills (if you can call them that.) In all honesty I think Lesnar is one of the few HUGE guys who has some talent for mma, and doesn't just win cause they're HUGE. Lashley... please don't get me started. When one of these guys throws a head kick, or pulls an armbar, then we'll talk.


I believe the deal with Lashley is he doesn't buy into his hype and recognizes he has a way to go. Hence the Sapp fight.

As long as Lashley is willing to pay his dues I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. But TUF would be a HORRIBLE idea for him both money wise and skill wise. Hype can't protect you when you stand between a man and his future and dreams or going back to the daily salt mine.

But if Lashley sticks with ATT they'll get him to a decent level. But going off what Beershoes said, Lashley has ways to go skill wise before he steps into UFC. Especially now, can you imagine what Kongo would do to him, let alone Carwin or Velasquez.

But give Lashley time greenhopper, the few times I've had chance to meet him he seemed to have a good head on him. He'll make it in time.

But anyway, unless he does something stupid I see no reason why he doesn't beat Sapp.


I agree Barachiel. I think he'll beat sapp, and I think he has more talent than Sapp. Also I flew off the handle earlier because I hate that legitimate heavyweights are sometimes moved to the back burner for guys who have relatively little talent, but are HUGE. That being said, I think the UFC has it right. If you don't weight in at 265 you shouldn't fight heavyweight.


I agree with both of you, he has a long way to go in terms of MMA skills, but I think you are not giving him enough credit. Wrestling is a martial art, and he was an exceptional amateur wrestler:

"Lashley attended Missouri Valley College, where he won three national amateur wrestling championships between 1996 and 1998 and placed fourth in 1995. In 1997 and 1998, he was the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National Wrestling Champion. Lashley later joined the United States Army, where he continued to wrestle."

If he was to face Kongo, I believe something similar to what Cain did would happen. He might have even finished Kongo with a choke where Cain did not.

I think he is well deserving of the hype surrounding him. His background is similar to Cain, Carwin, and Brock in Wrestling. However, the three of them have shown they can stand and bang - not so sure about Cain though.
For me, the real question is: Can he stand and exchange with someone who has been in the ring with many high caliber strikers? Although Bob Sapp is quite a bit of a joke, we should not forget that he has beaten Ernest Hoost twice in K-1.


It is true that legit heavies get pushed aside for these huge dudes. But what seems to be true is that these big dudes coming in also know how to fight, Kimbo Slice aside. I think that Lashley has a vast amount of untapped potential and that I think more than anything excites me and way I will watch his fights over someone else's. As for the legit heavies getting push aside unforunately that is the nature of the beast, a occasional viewer is gonna watch the Lashley fight or Lesnar fight because they have heard the name before. I will not down play the "freak" factor though as I think these guys are huge but also draw a lot of attention to the sport.


For the record comparing Lashley's wrestling to Brock's is like comparing Stephan Marbury to Kobe.

Brock is an NCAA Div-I Hwt Champ, who had the benefit of touring and working closely with an Olympic Gold medal wrestler (Kurt Angle). And yes they rolled on the mats behind the scenes, Angle owned him, but Brock got to learn.

Anyway Lashley has huge potential, but he is not ready for Kongo or Velasquez, not yet anyway. But he can beat Sapp. Sapp's striking power nowadays is based on size not technique. It's like the guy who hits the heavy bag and sends it swinging every which way. Lots of force but no power. Give Lashley another year withh ATT though. With that camp you have no choice but to get better.


Sherdog.com: On June 16 you completed 10 years of your career. What have been your best and worst moments?
Nogueira: I had several good moments. I would say that my victory against Bob Sapp and Mirko were the two most significant moments. But the worst moment, of course, was my last fight, when I lost my belt.


I think he sucks, he couldn't even finish Guida, I think Sapp wins.


Lashley will win. too much raw talent.


On MMA live, Lashley was saying how it's all about the first 1.5 minutes. After that, Bob Sapp will just get too tired. I personally think that Sapp is not going to come rushing in to this one. He will start out slow and look to connect with one good shot and hurt Lashley. I also don't think he will be getting tired as quickly as everyone is expecting.
I have a feeling Lashley will be in trouble at some point in the fight before getting the win. He is under estimating Sapp's Cardio a little too much.


Sapp is going to get killed, if Lashley can't beat Sapp in the first round he probably shouldn't be in MMA. I'm pretty sure Sapp just wants a paycheck and knows damn well he's going to get his ass handed to him. I think Lashley is strong enough to get a day one jiu-jitsu submission i,e. americana on Sapp if they go to the ground at all. Lashley is too big, way better wrestler then Sapp, for Sapp do defend anything on the ground, standing Sapp used to be challenging because of his size, but he's just outclassed in every aspect of this fight aside from possibly a hamburger eating contest between the too.

With enough Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, probably at least 2 gallons to cover Lashley, and about 6 loafs of bread, Sapp could eat Lashely by the end of the 3rd.


I don't think Lashley will be able to submit Sapp. He's too new to the submission game. And I am very doubtful he can outstrike Sapp. Sapp has been striking for a very very long time. He beat Ernest Hoost twice in K-1.
You too are under estimating Sapp. Lashley will win if he takes Sapp down at the start of the fight without eating any big shots, wears him down and then ground and pounds him, or they stand back up and Sapp is so exhausted he can't fight and gets a TKO or KO.
But there is no way that Lashley is going to be able to stand with Sapp and bang and actually come out on top. He just doesn't have the experience as a striker. If he tries to strike with Sapp starting out, it will be lights out.

However, I do predict a Lashley win, but I am seeing a few things:

1) Lashley is not able to finish and he controls him on the ground for a decision
2) Lashley will get hurt with a big shot before winning. He doesn't realize how hard Sapp hits
3) If he does finish him, it will be if Sapp is extremely exhausted and just standing around with no defense. As long as he is capable of moving around and fighting, Lashley cannot finish. He just doesn't have the skill set for that yet.


not so sure of myself anymore lol


All Lashley has to do is kick him in the leg or punch him in the stomach. We have never seen a conditioned Bob Sapp, so I am not sure why this would be any different.