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Saponin - Good or Bad?


So I have recently started eating quinoa pretty frequently, as a substitute for pasta, potatoes, rice etc.
The other day i noticed that on the back of the bag of the quinoas it said, that you are supposed to rinse before cooking, because of their natural saponin content. As I didn't know what saponin was, I got curious and started to google around for some information.
However, I have not yet come up with a lot of negative effects to eating saponin, instead I have found it is supposed to raise testerone levels and as a bonus reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.

Since the bag suggest to rinse before cooking, I figure there must be some sort of downside or negative health aspects to eating saponin. If anyone knows anything on the matter, it would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I assumed it was because of the bitter taste. But I could be wrong.


I read that too, but I can barely taste anything bitter when i eat it.
If that really is the case, then I see no point in rinsing it before cooking, since I have found consuming the saponin to have some health benefits.


What benefits?


The ones i wrote in the original posts - incrasing testosterone and reducing the risk of intestinal cancer.


you noticed the reduced effect of intestinal cancer? wow how does that feel? kidding buddy, nice idea for a pasta substitute tho, might have to join you on that one. if its a choice between testosterone and a mild bitter taste, id take it.