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Santorum's Career Suicide Mission


It's obvious at this point that Romney is on the verge of winning the republican nomination. It is a near mathematical impossibility for Santorum to win. Yet, he fights on not only damaging Romney's chances of beating Obama with all of his anti Romney advertising, but damaging his own chances of ever being taken seriously again by the republican establishment and more importantly republican voters.

The latest polls show that Santorum is running behind in his own state of Pennsylvania. And when he loses his home state this will surely be a set-back from which his political career will never recover.

So why would an otherwise viable politician throw away his political career and a chance to run for President in 2016 should Romney lose (as Santorum could now be blame for a future Romney loss), or even 2020 when he'll only be 61 in order to keep a dying campaign alive?

Is he standing on principal?

Is it ego?

Is it shear zealotry?

Does he hate Romney that much that he'd rather see Obama win while killing his own political career?

Let's hear what the T Nation PWI folks have to say.


I think that it's an enormous ego, Zeb.

This has been magnified by being pumped up as being the only "true" conservative.

Speaking of 2016; there is the real possibility that the GOP candidate will be facing a juggernaut named Hillary Clinton.



He is going to stay in as long as he has campaign money. He has stated this.
As long as he has people throwing money at him (thinking Catholic Lifers here), he will fight the cause and use the soapbox to attempt relevancy, and perhaps guide the conversation.

I don't know that he has much of a 'career'. They practically threw him out of PA. Maybe he'll go on the lecture circuit with Sarah Palin.


Do you know anything about delegates and how they get picked to go to a convention?



When a candidate wins a state he is not guaranteed to get any delegates that will support him at the convention.

Delegates must show up and volunteer to go to the convention.

Moreover, delegates do not have to support the winner of the popular vote or even the candidate they say they are supporting - they can change their mind when they get to the convention.

That is all.




Yeah, and that is probably a better point.


Yeah, I'm aware of that Lifty. But if you are insinuating that Santorum is going to try to win the nomination by stealing Romney's delegates after the people have spoken I think you're off base. Granted Santorum has a healthy ego (they all do), but he's not an idiot. To even try such a stunt would be political suicide. If he ever pulled it off (which is a million to one) he'd get crushed by Obama.

But thanks for contributing to the thread.

I'll give you a better prediction, Santorum loses and then has a very minimal role at the convention.


Mufasa, I happen to agree with you, but I think there is more to this. When I look into his eye's I almost see a man possessed, one who is on a mission of sorts. So, I'd mix some zealotry in with the ego.


He knows Romney has no zero chance against Obama. So, why not fight on.


That becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy after a while.


Just sayin', delegates have not been counted yet because the convention hasn't happened yet.

In a brokered convention, gasp, even Ron Paul has a shot. And he is going to get lots of attention there if the GOB knows what's best for it.

I have heard tales of some RP supporters going to caucuses and if some other candidate wins they stick around and volunteer to be a delegate. :slight_smile:

Darn, those Paultards sure are dumb! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ja, they work both ways and can be used by all kinds of people....

How does it feel?


After Romney loses, the only question will be, 'are we done running the Doles, McCains, And Romneys of the party?" Nobody worth paying attention to is going to blame shoe-string budget Santorum. If Santorum could cost Romney the election against Obama, imagine what the Obama machine is going to do to Romney against Obama.


While Ron Paul was NEVER a factor in the nominating process (as I predicted) he will be, and has already been courted by Mitt Romney. Paul's supporters are absolutely needed to carry Romney to victory. I don't think that there is any question that Paul will play a major role at the convention. And no doubt will be in line for an important cabinet post should Romney be fortunate enough to win.


First of all not one far right candidate with the exception of Ronald Reagan has ever won the Presidency. As it takes the overwhelming charisma and shear popularity of a Ronald Reagan to fend off a hostile media (more hostile now than ever) and his opponent to actually win.

Examples of those who were NOT far right and did well:

Ike...center two term's 52 and 56

Nixon Center two term's 68 and 72

Bush (41) center one term 88

Bush (43) center right two terms 00 and 04

One glaring example of what happens when the republicans run a far right candidate who is not named Ronald Reagan is Barry Goldwater far right (biggest popular vote landslide loss in history)

So when you say we are done running "Doles, McCain's, Romney's.." that means that we are done winning.

Finally, before this is all over Rick (I'm never getting out as it is evil to do so) Santorum will endorse Mitt Romney!


Remember the game I told you about when this all began? Well this is part of it.


Ron or Rand?


Yeah, winners.


You are drawing the wrong conclusion from the right facts. It's true we lost with McCain and Dole but not because they were too liberal. We lost because they were old men with ZIP for charisma. And when placed next to their respective opponents they looked old, dull and slow. Romney will look older than Obama to be sure (but Obama is catching up in the hair department). But, Romney will have a some charisma of his own. He looks Presidential and can match Obama in a debate and not look slow and old. I know you disagree but I feel that we have a chance with Romney.


What would be totally, utterly and unbelievably awesome is if Ron Paul became chairman of the Fed.

That deal I could actually see, but there is not way that Ken has grown such a pair of balls.