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Santonio Holmes w/ Pittsburgh Warrants


Holy shit, Santonio Holmes looks like he'll be the next big criminal in the NFL...



yeah that sounds like a reliable news source... sportspickle lol

I think this would be on the news or on another sporting news site if it were really true. Over 200 felony charges that were misfiled? please

nothing on ESPN or Yahoo Sports


"Hey Bob, what's in that file you've been using to level out your desk?"

"Beats me Carl. Huh, looks like a bunch of arrest warrants for a professional football player."



i stop watching espn for a couple of weeks and I miss a ton of stuff




Sportspickle is Collegehumor's Sports humor website. It's all fake, but it's amusing, similar to The Onion.

Being from Pittsburgh and formerly rooting for Santonio Holmes (and still believe he earned that super bowl MVP), I pissed myself laughing especially when they claimed he gave Mario Lemiux cancer.

Also, if you read the posting date of this article, its from 2-3 days before the AFC championship game.


This thread was much funnier when I thought the OP actually thought sportspickle was a credible source.

But now it is just a little ghey. No offense, but...yeah....little ghey.





The only redeeming thing about this thread are those legs in your avatar.


I was thinking the same thing Max.