Santa's iron wish list

whats your fitness related (HOT cheerleaders do not count) for christmess?

I just got some books and videos in the mail:

Supertraining 6th edition
science and practice of strength training
massage and restoration in sports by siff and yessis
the poliquin pronciples
be breathed and warrior wellness by coach sonnon
duraball and duradisk
movement that matters by chek

I want an Eleiko bar with bumper plates and a platform.
Can santa cram them thruogh my chimney?


you dont need poliquin principles. if you ever read mm2k, muscle media, or testosterone, you have read everything in that book. its a rehash of old stuff.

Hey Goldie, whats up?
I’ll never know if I wont read it right?

I know it kind of contradicts there, but I have a friend buggering me on poliquin for ever. well he’ss not a friend and kind of a jerk but still, I gave it a shot, what the heck only 19.95$.