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haha he's dead.lol


tiny tim said he got aids. is that what he died from? that sucks, man. guess i won't be getting beavis and butthead on dvd this year.


i think it was from too much protien consumption.


Did he get too aggressive and have a heart attack and kidney failure?


The physics of worldwide travel in a flash just caught up with him. Inertia finally got its payback.

(But they`ll never write that on the tombstone. Ehehehehe) :wink:


i don't think that would make a pretty picture.lol


here lies an atheist. All dressed up and no place to go.


LMAO!!! haha...=)


Let me be the first to say it...



i know it was photo shop, just thought the kid was funny.


According to the tombstone, he died 3 years ago. Who the fuck has been coming into my house the past 3 years?