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Santa Monica Help


I have to go to Santa Monica for 3 weeks and have no budget, not even a rental car.
The hotel i am staying in doesn't have any type of equipment. I am staying at the Best western Ocean View.
I need to find a local gym that is cheap...dirt cheap...And withing walking/bus? distance...


I know there are gyms on/near wilshire blvd, particulary in westwood (corner of Wilshire blvd and Gayley ave) but do not know anything in Santa Monica propper. If you do not find one within walking distance of your hotel, you can take the Santa Monica "blue bus" for around 1 dollar to Westwood.


Thank you, i appreciate your help.


Go to "Muscle Beach" across the street from the hotel and you have free access to pull-up bars, ropes to climb, dipping bars, gymnastic rings etc.

Also, why not look to see what gyms are in the area and see if they offer any free two week trials? Just about every gym has these. Do a websearch, find some gyms in Santa Monica and go from there.

Mike Mahler


Try healthclubs.com and click on the selection "Find a Club". If your home club is a member of IHRSA, check the box "Only include clubs that participate in the IHRSA Passport Program". Do a search for gyms in Santa Monica, CA. I did a search and turned up several close to your hotel. You will need to call each club and determine what the guest fee is for visiting members of an affiliated IHRSA club. Hopefully, this will help.



Found a few, thanks for the help.


There's a YMCA on 7th or so for 15 bucks a visit. Easton Gym on the 3rd Street Promenade, same price.

But the best deal going is the Muscle Pit down in Venice Beach. $5/day and you work out outside, steps from the beach.