Sanity Check?

Hey guys. I’m just looking for a sanity check on my program. I’m 25 years old, 5’10", around 12% bodyfat, ~160lbs. I’m looking to put on around 15 pounds of muscle.

So according to this article: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

I should be consuming about 2800 cal/day. Protein shake after workouts, most dinners look like chicken breast/vegetable/brown rice.

Here’s what I’ve been doing for the past couple weeks (everything 4x10):

Workout A: Squats, bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, dips, calf raise
Workout B: Romanian deadlift, assisted wide-grip pull-up, upright row, one-arm bent-over row
Workout C: Abs circuit

And something like ABAC/BABC or ABABC for each week depending on how much time I have.

Does this seem reasonable? Anything off? Hope this is the right forum! Thanks.

Edit: Oh, I’ll add that functional strength is only of secondary importance, something I’d be more concerned with training in a year or two. Right now I’m training purely for vanity. :wink:

Workout seems a bit screwy because you have legs on 2 days back to back. Why is that? Legs should have a major part of your workout because honestly you burn a lot on leg days and they are a major part of your body. Why not break it into a simple Push/Pull/Leg split? Toss in abs where you want. You already have your upper in push/pull but have just mashed in your legs in both days.

Also doesn’t make any sense having abs on its own day, unless you are thinking that its a rest day, which its not because you would be following it up the next day with squat which is stressing the core.

Now diet wise you need to get a macro with that, 2800 cal/day of carbs is a lot different than 2800 cal/day of meat.

The reason no one is posting is because it shows you haven’t done much reading or prep because all these questions could be answered by reading articles. Yes this is a beginners forum but it would help to do some reading on diets and building a correct split.

Just my .02

Look into a better workout than that.

Thanks for the honest feedback. I just read Christian Thibaudeau’s articles on designing a good program and I think I’m going to go with the antagonist workout he has described.