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Sanik's Update


Hey for the sake of accountability I am still lifting weights and enjoying the positive consquences of regular exercise. I am having some stretching challenges that are a real nuisance to get on top of, I really have been a stupid idiot, shit. The problem with me is aside from being an idiot my hamstrings are too tightly wound. I know I am I have some knee problems, from walking on so much concrete. Tight knees, a bit fucked up. Flexibility are occuring more that I train. I recently injured my "Pectoralis Major" which is obviously because I problem have not been stretching, like an idiot.

I am weighting at 162 lbs on the scale at 5'11


Good thread.


Thank you for this brief account of whatever you think you're doing.



Just stop trying. You're obviously going to keep failing over and over again.


LOL. At first, I was a bit confused, but then I saw that he failed 3 times in that thread.


Would read again.


Wow, sure glad I clicked on this thread.



I can eat 50 eggs.




haha, this reply made me laugh out loud. Well done, sir.