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Sanding and Priming

Ok, with all the talk on the told thread, I’m hoping some of you can give me a few pointers

I was using my cool little hand sander yesterday in 85 degree sunny weather, which was to continue today and rain tomorrow. The rain is here today, I don't have primer on the bare wood.

The paint is only off the wood in spots, and is partially sheltered by the porch roof. How much damage is this going to do? The house is 80 years old, it's the original porch, and the old paint was pretty badly cracked. I'm worried the wood is going to suck up the moisture like a sponge and I'll get rot after I prime and paint it - next week when the rain stops.

Thanks for any advice you can give!

You should be okay. If you are reaally worried cover it with a tarp. Just be sure that the wood is realy dry before you paint it. Otherwise, the water will not allow the paint to adhere properly. Also, check out the family Handman website for more painting tips, Old House Journal and Fine Homebuilding are also good resources.

Just make sure the wood has thoroughly dried out, and that you’ve bought a good quality primer. My mother primed and painted the wood around our windows only a few years ago, but she bought cheap crap, and it peeled (and rotted) shortly thereafter.