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SanDiego Boy's Training


I've noticed a lot of people making logs, hopefully I can get some good feedback/critiquing or just some encouragement to keep on pushing.

I'm trying to work on my bulk still, which has failed up until recently. Thanks to my own place off campus at Virginia Tech (no expensive dining halls) and lots of milk I've made some huge gains.

Started out college 2 years ago in the military training program at Tech and finished at 117lbs after being able to run for hours....
After my buddy who played football and rugby said I'm going to start training it was what led to this.
2 years later I now weigh 180lbs and want to continue to transform. I look like I lift now, but the goal is to look even bigger.

Thoughts and encouragement is what I came for, thanks ahead of time. I'll be posting some videos soon to see if I can get some comments on form too.


Taking some stuff from Westside for my training so Upper/lower split with dynamic/heavy days. My focus is trying to take down the volume on the heavy days because I used to train heavy with high volume, which didnt work well of course.

Working on form for sumo squats, though I only had a max rack available at my Y for break this week.


Sumo Squats
Up to 315x1, then 335x1 but failed at 355 after leg locked up and weight didn't budge.
335x1, 295x2, 275x3
5rm Good mornings ended the session. Had a lower back issue and thought it was gone, but 95lbs wouldnt come back up so I called it quits so I didn't hurt myself again.



Pull ups to warm up my shoulders, using those ones where you pull up to one arm, down and up to the other making a V (Name?) 4 sets of 8

Bench [still working on form]
worked up to 245x1, 205x3, 195x3
245 was a PR for me so felt good
Meadow Rows w/ straps[my back is lacking and John's is impressive so I'm going to listen for now]
worked up to 125x3
Switched to 1-arm BB rows (w/ straps) for 110x3
Rep't it out without straps for grip starting at 100, pyramid down.
Incline Close Grip
145x5x4x3x3.5x3.5 (the .5 meant not locking out for a better pump)
-ss- Barbell Curls (weak spot for me)
DB Shurgs, 3s hold at top
100x4, 90x10, 90x10


Gym is closed up at Tech now, so I'm assed out for training, just trying to make these good "off" days by doing some myo work, stretching and keeping the sleep good. Also, it seems like the format I put these lifts in is hard to follow so I'll fix that and quit talking as much.

How much are you guys, if any, at my weight lifting? Just curious really, maybe some friendly competition can get started to get me pushing that much harder....