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Sanders Leads Clinton in New Bloomberg Poll

:Acccording to a new Bloomberg poll Sanders leads Clinton and does better than her in a head to head match against the Republicans http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/articles/2016-03-24/democrats-evenly-split-over-clinton-sanders-in-bloomberg-poll-im63yb0w

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The poll is +/- 5.6%, 3% are undecided, and they’re 1% apart…

Still something most fools on here said wasn’t possible. Not to mention he beats Republicans by a wider margin.

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Clinton has double the # of delegates than Sanders. This poll literally means nothing.

True she leads him and will no doubt beat him. But, across the country in democrat circles Hillary is not the raving success that they so want her to be. Many are choosing a hunched over old bald Socialist (in other words the bottom of the barrel) over Hillary Clinton alleged star of the democrat party.

That alone tells me that no matter how many problems the republicans are having she is still beatable.

So by using actual FACTS, you confuse the the Zeppelin and cause him to change track, back to his unusable talking points.

Well played sir.

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Clinton does not have double the delegates. And there are still a few more states(California and New York)left that have a large delegate count. So if Sanders catches up in the delegate count are the Superdelegates automatically going to throw their support behind Clinton? What if Sanders wins the popular vote of the Democrats? Will the Superdelegates go against the will of the people and risk terriing the party apart? Possibly. But maybe not. So there still is a chance.

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So, Democrats are choosing an old white man over a woman. Does that make them sexist ? Are they involved in a war against women ? Trust and believe if we were talking about the Republicans, that would be the narrative.

In a word. Yes.

Since you like polls:

+48 in NY, lol…

I don’t put all my beliefs in polls just illustrating a point to those who do.

Did you know that Marx was a big believer in polls?

Was the point that Sanders is ahead in one poll by one 1% point that is +/-5+%, if so, then well said…

Sanders just won Washington and Alaska so 117 more delegates.

I think Bern dawg will do very well out here in the west, plenty of “gimme dat free shit” people out here.

But no matter how many Bernie wins Hillary will be the nominee…what happens then?

And Hawaii. Speculation on the nominee question. Sanders is still the underdog in terms of delegates,etc. But will the super-delegates risk splintering the party by throwing their support behind Clinton if Sanders wins the majority of the delegates?

It’s about people and corporations paying their taxes(closing loopholes)and allocating that revenue to pay for things.

Another poll showing Sanders beating Clinton.

Yes I know it is only 1 point and it is within the margin of wiggle room but considering he wasn’t in double figure about 1 year ago I’d say that is pretty good.