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Sanders is Now the Frontrunner?


According to the Hill Bernie now has overtaken that old corporate hag Hillary,


Thank God!


I'm with you my friend. I'm very thankful and hope he can wrestle the nomination away from Hillary...somehow.

No one would be easier to beat than old Bernie the greying bald socialist.






No one would be easier to beat? Is that why he is drawing the crowds he is?


Zeb is right, if Bernie beats out Hillary, Republicans might as well start picking out their choice of White House curtains.


I am harkening back to the 1984 Presidential election. Ronald Reagan was far ahead of Walter Mondale in the Polls. Then suddenly in order to boost his credibility Walter Mondale held a rally where 30,000 people showed up. It really looked awesome on TV. There was only one problem with that particular show. 30,000 people does not win anyone a Presidential election.

The moral of the story is that virtually any credible contender can summon at any given time and with reasonable organization a very large group of people as a strong show of support. But alas it is only just that, a "show".

Hillary will destroy old Bernie and go on to take the nomination (unless she is indicted then Biden will beat old Bernie).

As much as it pains me to say it Bernie Sanders will not move on to achieve the democratic nomination. Too bad, really, because if he did he would suffer the biggest defeat of any Presidential contender since Mondale was crushed by Reagan.

Ah..one can dream


In my opinion it depends on voter turn out , at present I believe it would be Trump VS Sanders if the young people turn out Sanders would win if the usual turn out Trump would win. The elction is a long way off


Wake up call for my friend Pitt--Sanders is never going to be elected to the Presidency....EVER. The country has not swung that far left and God willing never will. I've already told you about his lack of charisma yada yada yada...


Thanks for the advice ZEB:)


Someone has to steer you in the right direction. Hey remember back in the day when I would try to wake up all of the Rand Paul supporters? I would say Rand Paul is never going to be elected to the Presidency---ever.

Some would call me names, others would laugh. Still some used to say "how can you tell?" Some things are so freaking obvious....that was one of them. Sanders is another.

Yeah...I was just reminiscing.


Can't wait to see him debate Cruz.


A Cruz v Sanders debate would be a socialist bloodbath.

Sanders' answer to everything is take money away from rich people. Seriously, watch any interview he has ever done.


Don't forget that choice of deodorant is to blame for "starving" children, and his sick sexual fantasies.


Jesus titty fucking Christ. And I thought that his open socialism was wacky enough. Links?


how many elections have we been debating ? But I still won't take your word for it:)


I can't remember back that far:) but I bet back in 2008 I heard a very similar story story about a Black, Muslim, who's father was from Kenya :slightly_smiling:


That's okay Pitt, some people learn at a different rate than others.


No, actually you didn't. I knew that Obama had charisma and could read a speech as well as anyone. I knew what was going to happen. You won't find a post from me claiming otherwise. Of course I was hoping beyond hope he would lose. But I knew the inevitable would happen.

At least now you and some of the others know why I wanted him to lose. He truly has been a disaster...even worse than I thought.


I was convinced Obama would lose... It's Bean's fault...