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Sanders Hits a Brick Wall with the Black Vote

Black Agenda Report’s Glen Ford says the majority of the black vote is wedded to Clinton and the right-wing of the Democratic Party in national elections despite being more left-wing on actual issues.

Is the black vote the reason why Sanders won’t get the nomination?

Sanders won’t get the nomination because he’s bat shit nuts.

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And the black vote is nowhere near enough to compensate for the super delegates that Clinton will get.

How so? What is your opinion of Trump?

That he’s an assclown.

I don’t even know where to begin… The guy hasn’t worked in the private sector for 40 years and when he did it was sporadic. His understanding of capitalism is worse than most children’s. His and his advisors cost savings analysis for single payer is utterly laughable. Even democrats think his estimates are nuts. His personal finances are a disaster too.

He offers no solution other than to spend money on the problem.

We have seen how the ACA has utterly failed, people are still uninsured, premiums are up, insurance companies are losing billions, Obama is raiding social security (illegal by the way) to keep the ACA afloat, and Sanders thinks we should double down and make health care 100% government run because a couple of tiny, both geographically and by population, and mostly homogenous countries with retarded high tax rates have pulled it off. On top of all that he chaired the committee that oversaw the VA when veterans were dying waiting for care.

He doesn’t understand what capital is, why we need it, and how much it costs. He just likes to blame Wall Street greed because that’s easy and his supporters who are as ignorant as he is don’t have the slightest clue about it either.

His idea of helping the middle class is to tax them more and reduce the number of available jobs. Very reasonable…

The man has praised Fidel Castro for crying out loud, he’s big league Loony Tunes.

Wow even democrats think his estimates are nuts. Shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who have an idea of what is behind the duopoly of parties. But you are obviously unaware of it. His solutions are based on what other countries have done and what the U.S. was leaning towards doing with it’s own social programs The ACA was written in portion by the insurance companies, so I doubt they are losing billions, like you said. And it isn’t a couple of tiny countries, you idiot! Is Canada, England, France and Australia, tiny countries? In fact, most if not all of the major industrialized countries have some form of single payer system. While we have the most expensive health care of anywhere in the world, we don’t even have the best outcomes. So the other countries have less expensive health care and better outcomes overall and have a government run health care system but you want to hold on to our garbage system? Not to mention it is the number 1 reason for bankruptcy in our country. How’s that for the free market heath care system. So Wall Street greed had nothing to do with the financial meltdown of the late 2000’s? Oh no he mentioned Fidel Castro in a positive light he must be crazy. If you weren’t so blinded by corporate propaganda, you might be able to see how ignorant you are. So keep believing what the corporate media tells you because they rely on sheep like you to stay in power.

23M Australians, 28M Texans. Solid point though…/s

Insurance companies are losing billions, google is your friend.

In case you’re wondering, I didn’t ignore the rest of your post, I’m just not going to bother with your normal bullshit.

USMC is right, Obama is illegally looting the Treasury to pay the insurers for the losses they are incurring. They tried this in 2014 but Rubio and the angry public stopped it.

Obama Breaks Law To Enrich Health Insurers

Yes I forgot one of the main Tennant’s of socialism was to take from the population and give to corporations. I’m not saying you in particular but goons of the same ilk try and label Obama as a socialist but then try and claim he is looting the Treasury to stop corporations from going out of business. You can’t have it both ways. I don’t claim to know much about the ACA but I do know that most, if not all of the major industrialized countries have some form of single payer system. They also spend quite a bit less and have better overall outcomes and it doesn’t force their population into bankruptcy. So if this is true it just goes to show that the corporations control both of the parties. This is a major reason why why none of the senior management of the banks were brought up to face charges. They donated more money to Obama’s campaign than to McCain.

I appreciate that the last part of your paragraph acknowledged that Obama was also on the take with corporations, Hillary is too, so not much has changed on that front.

You could change the titl3 to “Sanders hits a brick wall with votes” now.

The super delegates alone (representing about 15% of the total delegate vote) have her a lock on the nomination.

He only hit a brick wall with the 30 and over black vote. 29 and under black vote supported him over Clinton. Just goes to show you how well the propaganda system works in the U.S. Keeps people from voting against their own economic interests. However if the trend of the young voters stays it will bode well for future Sanders-like campaigners.

Not surprising as both parties are controlled by corporate power.

Yes as both parties are controlled by corporate power and seek to further corporate interests. That is who they serve. If Clinton becomes President, she will sell those black voters down the river.


Population & demographics of U.S.:

Now Canada:

Now the UK:


And finally Australia:

All these super huge countries,that have their own unique single payer systems for just their countries, when combined equal a population of about 173 million. That’s slightly more than half the U.S. population…

It’s true that many countries with single payer systems have lower per capita costs:

However, only a simpleton would look at this and assume it is because of said single payer system that the cost is lower. There are numerous factors to consider. For example, Obesity in the U.S. is higher than all of the other countries listed:

U.S.: 35% = 112M
Canada: 30.1% = 11M
UK: 29.8% = 19M
France: 25.7% = 17M
Australia: 20.1% = 2M

Much like population, combined that’s about 49M people that are obese in these “large” countries, which, again combined, is about 43% of the total number of obese across the United States. We, of course, know that obesity is a precursor to about 1,000 health issues and that obviously drives costs up.

That’s one factor. There are plenty of others like the # of illegals getting treatment here for free or salary structure for example.

Maybe you should know what the fuck you’re talking about before calling someone else an idiot…

The number one, two, and three largest reasons for “bankruptcy in our country” are Medicare, Medicaid, and social security. All three are GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS. I mean, you’re joking right, you think going to a single-payer system will reduce expenditures, hilarious.

Ya, I didn’t say that. I know it’s a standard talking point for you, though.

Yes, that does, in fact, make him looney tunes.

Another retarded, but expected talking point of yours. Seriously, you need new material.

Lol, total non-sense.

I would say yes as he will help to close the inequality gap which will give the middle class more money to spend. In addition, he will be the only one to break up the “too big to fail” banks.