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Sanders Campaign Could Win In Spite of Corporate Media Spin


Robert W. McChesney, Prof. of Media and Communications, University of Illinois, says that Sanders has a good fighting chance to secure the Democratic nomination in spite of the traditional media’s effort to undermine his success



Yeah, it should be neck and neck.


Just lol. Jesus, lol.


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according to my calculator
2295+ 856=3151
which is more than enough for sanders to win

math TRUMPS common sense


It’s getting close, lol…


Pretty good considering he was at 3% less than a year ago. It is amazing the millions who are responding to his message.


Lol, If that helps you sleep at night I guess.


The same, well actually better, can be said about Trump using this rationale.


Yes it does as it bodes well for future Sanders-like candidates.


Well, there are a lot of stupid people in this country after all.


While I don’t know if this is true but I have heard some Republicans would rather see Clinton win than to see Trump as their candidate as it may well represent the destruction of the GOP. I hope so. Then it is 1 down and the corporate democrats next so this country can move forward with the welfare of the majority at the helm and not just the ultra-rich.


Where was Trump in the poles a year ago? I’d love to see a Sanders v. Trump race. He does better against Trump than Clinton.


Don’t hold your breath.

I have no idea. He was at the bottom, though.


I hope you’ve had the fore thought and decency to include yourself in that bunch. As you are ruled by corporate propaganda.


I won’t hold my breath. I will just sit back and watch capitalism eat itself as it is currently doing.


Well, it’s taking its sweet ass time. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union came and went after Marxism failed her.


Did they really have Marxism? Capitalism is eating itself alive now and has been doing so for sometime now. Can you not see it?


What capitalistic countries are being eaten alive?