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Anyone know a cheap and effective way to construct sandbags? what type of bags do you use? what do you tie them with? Any advice would be appreciated.

From Dinosaur Training: “…go out & buy 2 army surplus duffel bags. They ought to run about $15 each so don’t try to weasel out of things by saying the experiment is too expensive…Then buy 6 50lb bags of sand…Empty 3 bags of sand into one of the duffel bags, so you end up with a 150lb sandbag. Empty 2 of the bags into the other duffel bag.” (save the 3rd one) I’ve got an old mail sack that will make a good sandbag once I get around to filling it up with something. It cost about CN$20 at my local salvage store. It’s got a rope or something built in to keep it closed.

You might want to do a websearch search for army surplus. There are a number of companies that sell all kind of bags to include real sand bag. Easy wasy is to buy a couple of 50# bags of rock salt for water softener. These are made of heavy plastic and come with handles.
Best of Luck.

It’s a little more expensive, but to make a leak proof sandbag you can use chain instead of sand. The chain will have the same dynamics of a sandbag, but won’t leak out.

i just put a bag of playground sand into a pillow case then tie and duct tape it closed, works for me