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I was just wondering if anyone might have knowledge of a company/website that sells sandbags. I know they are made and because I’ve used them before just don’t remember the name. I’m looking for bags in the weight of 25,35,50, and 75lbs, range. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

livestock feed store

Go to your local secondhand/junk store. I know a place that had about 20 worthy old mailbags.

Just go buy an army duffel bag and fill it with either those plastic bags of sand that you put in your truck or garbage bags filled with sands. You may have to end up duct taping the whole thing so it won’t break. This will save you a ton of money.

Just buy some generic sandbags and then some empty plastic ones. Fill them according to your needs. Putting them in a backpack to do front/back squats helps a ton in case your curious. Personaly this is alot cheaper like mentioned above.

i made a bunch my self. go to sportsmans guide.com on the net they sell all types of good bags and get some duct tape and sand at home depot