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Sandbags vs Kettlebells


If you could pick one which would it be.

I'm very busy these day so don't always get timee to go to the gym as well as train bjj.

So i've been thinking about buying either a sandbag or kettlbells (I can't buy both). Which one would be more effective when doing a more strength-based workout?

I'm personally leaning towards the sandbag, as i think the functional strength would transfer better. Is this right?


So I looked into your posts and voila! if there ever was a troll...

Guys, let's just ignore this idiot.




A sandbag is like 4 dollars. If you can't afford that you got bigger problems than working out.


Guy, I wasn't talking about regular sandbags. I meant one of those leather training ones with straps that you can throw without worrying about it ripping.


How about a body-sized one....duct tape...AND a 48kg kettlebell? Sounds very functional.