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Sandbags for Training


I recently saw some awsome workouts on a show called Bodyrock.tv, anyways they were using sandbags for strength training and core. My question is: does anyone know where one could get their hands of one here in alberta? Thax Mgb


theres loads of places on the internet to buy one - but they can be expensive for what they are. There are also plenty of tutorials for making your own - google that shit


Burlap sacks+sand in amounts of your own choosing=sandbags.

You're welcome.


I live in Edmonton and I recently bought a set of sandbags from Bells of Steel. The sandbags seems sturdy and were cheaper than all the other places I looked at.

You're probably the first person to admit that you were actually paying attention when watching bodyrock.tv


Drastic Option: Try Rice packets instead.

Skip to 1:07 on the video