Sandbag Walks on Off Days?

I’m running 5/3/1 three times a week and was wondering how would you incorporate Sandbag walks on the off days?

How heavy is the bag relative to your strength levels? There’s going to be a spectrum. A decent guide i like for integrating carries is:

  • Light - for conditioning work, usually long-haul. I do these for distance when I do it.

  • Medium - done as assistance work. I like counting 10 feet as a rep, so 5 sets of 100’ would be counted as 50 reps.

  • Heavy - done as supplemental work. I usually just save this for competition prep since it can beat me up a bit.


I’m doing it more for GPP so I guess that would follow under the Light.

It’s a handmade Sandbag with a top load canvas bag, but right now I’m filling it with 50 pounds of sand.

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Just speaking personally, but I would treat it as a consistency goal, and would try to rack up X amount of miles during the month. Let’s say 3-4 miles total Throughout April and build from there. Your mileage/goals may vary

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Thanks for the info!

So if my weight training Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Would you do Sandbag walking on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?

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Sure thing.

I would either build up to that, or put a conservative cap on the distance. You’ve never done it (I assume), and there is always room for Murphy’s law. Possible shin splints are the most obvious.

I’d start slow, and see how it affects overall recovery and add volume from there.

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