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Sandbag Training

I’m not really sure what forum this belongs in, but can anyone recommend somewhere good to purchase a set of sandbags through?

Most guys DIY, I did.

If you want to buy a sandbag try Josh Henkins site.


I think he posts here.

It looks like with these bags, the sand is contained in smaller “pouches”. One benifit I’m looking for with sandbag training is that the sand will shift around and be unstable. I’m not sure if that’s going to happen with this bag. Can anyone else recomend one?


The ultimate DIY guide.

I just made another light sandbag out of a an ALICE pack.

I found a used ALICE for $7, I noticed the dimensions were very similar to a 50 pound bag of play sand…

I bought a bag of sand, wrapped it in six pilowcases and duct tape then stuck it into the ALICE. Makes a nice baby bag.

Here is a source for top loading duffles.


This is a commercial bag made for sandbag lifting.


A DIY version of a Bulgarian Bag using an tire tube.