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Sandbag Training Away From the Gym?


I'd eventually like to mix in my sandbag training with my regular weight training days at the gym but it's currently not possible. I was curious how others used sandbags outside of the gym.

I'd imagine I could do some sandbag training a few hours after leaving the gym as some GPP work but was more interested in strength. I'm guessing that if I'm going to lift heavy with the sandbags it might be best to scrap the regular gym work for that week.

Possibly just use the bags for GPP work a few hours after the gym and occassionally scrap a week of gym work for heavy bag lifting. I'd appreciate the feedback.


how heavy are your sandbags?


On a side note, where did you guys get the sand for the sandbags?


Id look at Dan John stuff, John Davies, Keats Snideman and Josh Henkin (SP??) at the Staley Seminars went a LOT into snadbags and the like and I do beleive are now selling some AWESOME sandbags.

You might ask any and all of them

My opinion just go have fun with them. Sutre hard fun but just mix it up. get bags, kegs ropes etc. we use it as an extra day On saturdays usually training VERY damn hard but its mixed with a lot of BS'ing and laughs as well.




You can vary the weight of the sandbag and I usually just use play sand which you can get at a nursery pretty cheap. I've got one of the Iron Mind bags but just ordered one of Josh Henkin's sandbags. If you're in the market for a sandbag, his look top notch.


Home Depot or Lowes has regular sand like $2 for 80lbs, it's in the concrete section. I have the bag from Josh Henkin it's super tough but you have to wear gloves if you do a lot of reps because it will rub your hand raw other than that it's awesome. -T


I purchased play sand from Home Depot for $3/bag.

I originally purchased the Ironmind sandbag kit, but I don't like it. It's not user friendly in the least. You'd be better off taking contractor bags, filling them up, Duct taping them closed and putting them in Army/Navy duffel bags.

Or, do like I recently did and purchase the new sandbags from Josh Henkin. I bought the new "medium" bag that can hold about 100lbs. With all the extra straps and handles, you can do a variety of exercises. I also ordered the small bag for my girlfriend.

We spent a night putting together a bunch of sandbags of various weights this week (~25, ~45, ~65) to go with my current 100lb bag (Ironmind). We used contractor's bags (doubled them up and Duct taped them shut). We'll be using them within the training program as a substitute for some "regular" exercises (overhead presses, clean and press, various squats, carries, curls, etc.).