Sandbag Newbie Questions

So I just purchased an Ironmind sandbag for my garage gym. Im brand new to sandbags so I was hoping for some advice. I created 5 25lb pea gravel bags to put into the big bag.

  1. I am planning to start with a 50lb bag. Any advice on how to tie the Ironmind bag? I only have it like 1/5 full and dont know how to close all the excess bag. I was hoping to have it more solid sealing right above the stones.

  2. Anyony have good conditioning workouts with sanbags? Looking for 10-20 min workouts to add alongside regular barbell training.

  3. Similar to the above, looking for good ways to add some weighted carry finishers. Just very carry styles? I currently do farmer carries but want to add sandbag carries. I do these after lifting.

If I were to do a sand bag work out (for conditioning) I would find out how far I could carry it in 20 seconds. Then every 60 seconds carry it that far. In theory giving you 40 seconds “rest”. Do as many sets as possible. Then over time get to 10 sets. And then bring the rest period down.

Quick and simple.

  1. fill the bag all the way full using something light like pillow stuffing. You may have to take out a couple of pounds of the currently used material to keep it exactly at 50 lbs. stuff it pretty full so it doesn’t compress down too much.

  2. generally I don’t think there’s a ton of conditioning required for sandbags, but I think doing a couple of throws with 30s between sets for 5-8 sets should be sufficient. Sandbags are much more technique intensive than conditioning intensive.

  3. I’m not really sure exactly what you’re looking for here. But you could do suitcase carries for 50 ft at a time with timed rest. For example: 30-60s between each run for 4-6 runs (divided evenly between each hand)