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Sandbag Farmers Carry


has anyone tried making a farmers carry implement using sandbags? if so how did they work and where did you get the materials? Also does anyone have ideas for other strongman events to be used in a medley with farmers carry and keg clean for conditioning for a hockey player?(got idea from new article at elitefts but dont have resources to do a yolk walk)



You can use an army bag, and have 5 or 6 trash bags duct taped together. You can do anything with these. Farmer's walks, turkish get ups, sprints holding the bag between your legs, dragging sprints, overhead holds, sand bag tosses, curls, zercher squats, side to side squats, deadlifts, powercleans. Oh so many fun things.


How about a weight tree (loaded with the following: 25#, 35#, 45#, 100# plates) placed at the bottom of some steps or a hill, and an empty weight tree at the top of said steps or hill.

Ready - Set - Go!



The military duffle (sp?) bag idea works good, because they actually have a handle near the middle that would allow you to carry them like a Farm's Walk impliment.

You could also carry it high on your chest like a Super Stone Carry and do walks for distance or sprints for time.

Some mentioned you could drag it. It would work in a combination event if you really load it up (maybe some plates).

I actually have a big and even bigger piece of a tree I cut down to allow me to simulate a super stone carry or tire flip. It works okay for simulating the position, but still different from the actual tire.


At my high school, we have two tires,200lbs and 400lbs, a farmers walk set up (2 lengths of pipe, 4 cat litter buckets filled with sand about 38lbs each), a 118lb sand-filled canvas bag, wheel barrow, two sleds for drags/pulls, and soon a large "bruiser" (large homemade sled for pushing). After our regular football workout, we use of these toys for a little SPP, Special Physical Preparation.

Rob Izsa, MA, CSCS


I wouldn't try the Farmers with sandbags. They'll be bouncing off your legs and screw with your footing. Now, overhead sandbag walks could be a fun animal.

You might want to try a stone/sandbag zigzag carry. 6 steps one way, 6 steps diagonally the other way in a zig-zag pattern. It really reminds you of that you have abs, obliques, and ankles. But don't try to turn too faast, or it'll be an easy way to twist a knee.

Also, Tabata sled sprints would be a hardcore choice. But having it in a medley might be too rough.

You always have a good old fashioned car push. That's 2 tons of fun, just waiting for you.


I tie off both ends of my sandbags with poly twine. They kinda look like a sausage when finished. Find a friend with HOOOOOOOOOOUGE thighs and convince him to cut the legs off some old jeans. Heavy plastic bag liner with lots of duct tape. The tied off ends can be used individually as a handle (1 bag in each hand) or grab one end of the bag in each hand - good for overhead pressing, swings, etc.

A good balance drill is to hang a small sandbag from the end of a 5' bar or pole so that it can swing. Now do overhead lunge walks. When these things get swinging it's like an opponent hanging on you or trying to knock you off balance.

There are no limits to the uses for sandbags. Lots of fun.