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Sand bags for mass and strength ??

I picked up 6-7 sand bags from work ( I work in the canadian army) and I am looking for full body workouts with sand bags for both mass and strength. I already use farmers walk, shrugs, curls, clean and press. Should I do high reps or low reps or both ? Anybody with expeirience is asked to lend me advice, thanks dudes.

You might also be able to do squats, good mornings, sand-bag snatches (difficult i know)…sandbag throwing (for the obliques)…as far as reps go vary it up as much as possible to prevent boredom.

I started doing Westside style GPP with sandbags at the nearby beach. It feels great.

While lifting sand bags will do wonders for grip and other muscles, lack of grip will limit the stress on other muscles. Walking forward or backwards pulling 1 or more bags attached to a rope will do some good training for your thighs.