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Sand Bagging SOB

what do people think of sand bag training? Where could I get a good bag? whats a good workout

hook a brotha up with some info

I got mine from ironmind.com. I got the kit and it came with everything you needed including filler bags.

Its just a plain blue canvas bag pretty much w/ no handles or anything. elitefts.com had one w/ handles but no filler bags. There was another one at http://sandbagexercises.com/sandbag.html

I have ~ 120 lbs of sand in mine that I have been just shouldering in circuits. Its hard enough to shoulder, and I haven’t got it overhead clean yet.

I like working out with it though. In the gym with a barbell I can work up a good sweat, bu t with the sandbag circuits my underwear goes in the sink or tub afterwards its so sweaty.

For exercises, just use google and youtube. Theres too many to try to describe.

Great workout though.

Experiment w/ the way you pack the filler bags. Mine are pretty dense and did them in 40 lb increments. So instead of a shifty bag from looser packed sand, I got like three separate bulges to deal with which gets kind of interesting. I have a couple filler bags left, so one of these days I’m going to make some looser ones.

Just head to your local army surplus store, pick up a medium sized dufflebag, high durability. Then go to Home Depot or Lowes, get a couple of 50 pound sang bags, a tough 20 foot nylon rope and some 2x3’s.
I made myself a really nice sled out of the 2x3’s with holes at the ends to put the rope through. Tape up the sandbags in some carpenters bags for protection and throw them in the dufflebag.

Toss your new found sandbag on top of your sled, find a field, grab both ends of the rope, put them through the two holes in the sled, and do some overhead shoulder and tricep exercises, some flys, some curls, it’s endless really what you can do with just under 100 bucks.
And you get some wicked grip strength, which makes it much easier to crush things if needed.