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sanchin/chishi training

I’d like to add the Sanchin style of dynamic tension exercises to my workouts, and my clients’ workouts, as a finisher. Hey, I like the old school stuff. And Shaw Brothers movies. Where can I get comprehensive, yet easy-to-follow videos that illustrate them? I would also settle for Hung Gar Iron Wire set, and would welcome good sources for this. I only want to order this tape, though, and don’t want to get a whole series.
There is also an exercise implement,like a short-handled sledgehammer, called the chishi, used by Uechi-ryu and I think Goju practitioners. Anyone know where I could get a list of exercises?

let me know about the sanchin exercises

Hey dman I am not the original poster and may may be completely off base but my interpretation of sanchin is when using yourself as resistance ie straightening the arm but tensing both the bis and tris. The movements are slow long and very fatigueing.

I did martial arts for 12 years and an advanced kata was also named sanchin. We would have to tense up out entire body so that every muscle was contracting. Movement of course was very difficult. Take the arm for example you would contract all the muscles as hard as possible so the bis and tris would work against eachother. Straightening the arm would be like one big tricep extension using the biceps as resistance. You would perform the movements with maximal force and focus. As we did the kata performing the movements the instructor (not a sensei but a kancho or even a hancho i think but that is of less importance) would walk around and push against us. He would do this testing that we were fully tensed. Then after he had test that he would test our toughness by hitting us with kendo sticks as we performed the movements. He broke many kendo sticks while doing this. Fortunately for me I only had to endure that a couple of times. By the end of the kata you would be thoroughly exhausted. I have trained hard in the weight room but have never felt that fucked.