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I’m 6’5" 205 and looking to get to 200. I’ve been on a steady diet (5x350 cal meals per day) for one month now, and I seem to have hit a plateu. I saw a supp. called T3 which is made by SAN and it contains 99.7% guggul, which has apparently been shown to help in fat loss.

Has anyone had any experience using this supp. before? If so, how were the results? Thanks.


If you can get it cheap, it’s worth a shot. But there are tons of products out there using Guggul now, and none of them are truly spectacular. The fact that SAN is trying to make it sound as if it is T3 make it questionable to me. I have heard claims that SAN T3 works the same as Tiratricol… which… well, isn’t possible.
Overall, if you’re just trying to cut the 5 pounds, why not try cycling your calories, or even lowering them a bit? My personal thoughts: 5, 350 cal meals actually seems way TOO low to me… That’s only 8.5 calories per lb. of bodyweight! I’d up the calories (maybe 12-14 cals/lb bodyweight) and increase the weight training. The fat will go with some hard work…