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San Juan, any recommendations?

Next month I am going to San Juan. I have never been there before. Anyone have any hotel Recommendations? I thinking of maybe doing an all-inclusive. Is there anything I just have to do or can’t miss. Thanks in advance

Do a PADI “Discover Scuba” program. About 100$. They teach you the bare bones on scuba in the a.m. and take you out for a good dive in the p.m. with an instructor. From then on you can do “repeat resort dives” for the rest of your trip (assuming two weeks max) in which you repeat just the dives and at diferent locations.

Point is, you’ll be hooked. If so, get your class work done in the states next time and finish your certification dives on vacation. It’s a blast!

BTW, it’s paradise. I love the carib! In fact, I’m going to St. Thomas for two weeks in August. Gonna dive till I drop too!

Have fun!

Hey Spiderfan, I have been there several times and have stayed at the Wyndham Old San Juan. It is downtown and walking distance to all of the forts and old buildings in that area. While in PR you should see the rain forest (El Yunque) and go out to the Arecibo Observatory… it has been in several movies. Also I have thought about trying to get over to Ponce and see the other side of the island. I have not ever stayed at an all inclusive resort but would be nice if you want the beach thing. My trips have always been pre-cruise so we were interested in sightseeing. Later K

Poohbaya: I think the Scuba idea is great, will have to let the better half know. I love the Carib as well. I have fond memories of Hendonism II. The stories you hear are true!!

Klinester: I was actually looking at that hotel online, that one seems ideal as its close to everything. Thanks for the feedback.