San Jose Kettlebell Workshop - Nov 9

Mike Mahler will be in San Jose,CA on Nov 9 to do a 4 hour kettlebell workshop. Anyway, the workshop is about 3.5 weeks away and I’d love to see it overflowing with T-Men/Women. I really hope to meet some local Bay Area T-Folk at this workshop along with picking up some new k-bell moves and bodyweight exercises. The positive feedback from these workshops is amazing.

Hope to see you there! Email Mike at to sign up.

Jason, I’m from the bay area but I go to college six hours away. I will be at the workshop though. I was wondering if you’re interested in forming a bay area chapter of T-Nation. I think it would be cool. We could work out and afterwards kick it at the Pink Poodle. Haha, just kidding. Hope everything is going well and I look forward to seeing you at the workshop.

you know i will be there and as far as the t-cell in the bay area goes…count me in.

I’m there !!!

Well, I’m down! Let’s consider November 9th our first meeting and go from there. I’m always down for a k-bell slinging workout, medicine ball olympics or an all out cheat fest at the Sunday El Torrito all you can brunch buffet.

Forgot to mention that as long as I’m in the mix for the Bay Area chapter, there will be no visits to the Pink Poodle. Just making that clear.

As a side note, I know that some of us work at gyms, so when we meet after the k-bell seminar, where could we work out? I could usually get us into the San Jose City College facility - little dirty and old, but has everything you need. Just thinking ahead.

i could most likely get us into most club ones…although i am not sure on the clubs further south and i dont know ig\f they will totally fit our needs.

Hope to see you all there. I have had a lot of people pre-register in the last few days and have space for 2 more people. email me at for more info. Also, don’t plan on being able to workout after doing a 4 hour workshop with me :slight_smile: Just got back from doing a great KB workshop in London, England with my friend Coach Baillie. We had 23 people and they all left in pain.

I’m working with Club One Proservices Regional Manager on some of the corporate/fire dept accounts, so I’ll ask him if there are any options. Also, on certain days, my clubs are a bit slow and I could bring in a few people, but not a whole bunch.

If we all want to work out as a group, San Jose City College is likely our best bet unless someone has another option.

Mike - that is fantastic news. A full house will be much more fun.

On to the next topic, where do you guys want to eat after the seminar - I hope nobody is on a strict cutting diet. Either way, 4 hour of slinging the k-bells around should allow you a little dietary freedom. I'll take a look at what is nearby, when I head to SJCC tonight and report back a couple of options, but in the meantime, what are you looking for: pizza, mexican, buffet? Let me know.

Can’t make it out since I have midterms that week, but give my regards to the Bay Area T-people. On another note, are there any stores in the area that carry k-bells?

As far as I know, there are no stores in the area that carry k-bells. My suggestion would be for you to order through Mike and he could leave the k-bells with me - then email me and arrange a pick up time. With work, I usually travel regularly along the South Bay from Los Gatos to Sunnyvale to Redood City.

Those two places available should be snapped up.If you get the opportunity to work with Mike, you better well jump at the chance!

I wish you all a great time.

Kindest Regards
Coach Baillie

bumpity, bump, bump

I appreciate the offer, but I’m crazy broke at the moment. Dumbbells should suffice for the time being.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the workshop and I am looking at getting free t-mag shirts for all particpants for a group photo at the end of the session.

Is anybody from the Sac area heading to the workshop?

Hey Guys -

I just received the first shipment of kettlebells for the workshop last night. I'm excited and can't wait. If you guys need specific directions, both Mike and I have the information, so send us an email.

See you all on Saturday

- Jason Norcross

Excellent Jason, the next shipment should arrive on Friday.

Can I wear my little hat?