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San Francisco?

Does anyone live in the San Francisco area? Im going out to visit my little sister next week with my wife. Whats some stuff worth doing while there? We are going on a whale watching trip on Sun 4/23. That should be fun. And we are going to Alcatraz on Thurs. Any suggestions?

Go to Jim Schmitz’s gym, Physique Magnifique. He’s been the USA olympic lifting coach many times and his gym is killer. If you’re into that kind of thing.
Hike around the Presidio. Incredibly beautiful. Or at least drive through it.
All the museums are great.
Some people hate Alcatraz because of all the tourist stuff, but I love it. Been there twice.
My sister in law lives in SF and I visit all the time. My wife and I are from Boston, it’s a lot like Boston. You can walk pretty much anywhere, the public transit is easy to understand, tons of cool history, our favorite thing to do is just walk around and look at the architecture.

Several members of this board lift at Diablo Barbell out there. Hopefully they will chime in.

I’ve been there once. I enjoyed going up north and seeing the redwoods, the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli chocolate factory, seeing the seals, Lombard Street, Napa Valley and the trollies. I am from Texas so a lot of these things were completely new to me. It was also cool to step foot in the Pacific. Drive around the countryside up there and you will see some spectacular sights. It is beautiful along the Pacific.

There’s alot better use of your time than whale watching. Boring. If you’re lucky you will see a fin or two.

SF is over-rated. I lived there until I was 20. Had to go back about twice a year until 30. The restaurants are great. I agree with the guy who said drive up north. The coastline around Mendecino(sp?) County is awsome. Great Bed & Breakfst country.

Another idea is to drive down to Belmont and go up the hill, the one right above the El Camino where San Carlos and Belmont meet. When you get to the top, throw a brick through Barry Bonds window. That’ll be more fun than whale watching.


I am from the UK, but was in San Francisco a couple of months ago. It’s great to just soak up the atmosphere and seeing the Pacific for the first time was kinda cool, even though it looks just the same as any other sea!

Coit Tower is a great place to get views of the whole city too. Also, I hope you are fit, cos the city is unbelievably hilly!

The whole bay area is great to walk along and you can go and see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz while you are there. Alcatraz is a really worthwile visit and you should defrinitely listen to some of the tour guides if you go there. They’ve got some really interesting stories.

If you have time, I would highly reccommend driving a few hours inland and visit Yosemite. Absolutely awesome scenery and well worth the drive.



[quote]taddpole wrote:
Does anyone live in the San Francisco area? Im going out to visit my little sister next week with my wife. Whats some stuff worth doing while there? We are going on a whale watching trip on Sun 4/23. That should be fun. And we are going to Alcatraz on Thurs. Any suggestions?[/quote]

You better hurry and visit before the big earthquake comes and destroys it all…

Ive been there once before and got to see the redwoods. also got to go to Mt. St. Helens in Washington state. I just talked to my sis and shes getting tickets to see the Giants on wed. I havent seen a major league game since I was about 12 in St. Louis. Thanks for the ideas so far.

I’m going to school at Stanford so I’m not directly in SF but I know the area. I would recommend trying to get some nice hiking in. There are some good hard hikes, but they are harder to find…a nice place to go if you are just visiting is Muir Woods. It is a gorgeous stand of redwoods with some nice info and then some good little hikes around. You can make them long too if you take a lot of trails. Then head down to Stinson Beach. It is pretty secluded and nice. (Albeit cold as are all the beaches up here)

Here is a link the their website:


I’ve visited the city a few times. A great city to do some sightseeing and get some great food. Definately pay a visit to Muir woods. It’s just north of the city and is well worth the drive. I haven’t been to Alcatraz proper, however we did take a boat cruise from Fisherman’s Warf around the bay. It was fun and, even though it was July, really chilly. Fisherman’s Warf itself is really touristy and not worth your time.

Also, don’t drive, but walk the Golden Gate bridge. That’s a long ass bridge!

I’d suggest taking a bus site-seeing tour. They’re pretty cheap and only take a few hours and you get to see most of the city and learn the history.

I love San Francisco. I would definately suggest taking a drive down the coast to Carmel / Big Sur. Yes, Napa is also a must if you’ve never been out there. If you can, try to catch a Giants game as well!

Just dress warm though…as Mark Twain once said, “The coldest winter of my life was the summer I spent in San Francisco”.

(1) Don’t get so caught up in sightseeing that you don’t take any time to just walk around and enjoy the city. SF is a vibrant place, with an incredible urban feel going on - I actually like it more than New York in that reaspect. But you’ll never get all this if you are running from sight to sight trying to check things off a list.

(2) Go to Chinatown - very interesting. Oh, and get off the main tourist street that sells knicknacks and go one street over to the real chinatown. The Frommer’s guide to San Francisco actually has an excellent suugested walking tour of Chinatown in it - I recommend it.

(3) If you have a few extra days, go south on Hwy 1 and spend some time in Big Sur. Gorgeous area.

(4) A good day trip out of the city is Point Reyes national seashore. Also gorgeous, and you’ll go by Muir Woods on the way.

(5) SF has some wonderful restaurants.

(6) Unless you are there a long time, don’t obsess about your workouts and such. There’s too much to see and do to spend 2 hours every other day in a gym (in my opinion) and a week off isn’t going to hurt you. And you’ll likely be walking enough any diet transgressions will be minimized (don’t go hog wild obviously :D)


If you go to Chinatown my favorite place to eat is the Great Eastern - quite nice, very clean, and very good food. I rarely encounter other non-locals there so you know it’s good. It’s about half a block down hill on one of the streets (can’t remember which right now) cross-cutting the main drag there.

Might also want to check out a play - there are always good ones coming through - and usually a play is good to score points with the Mrs.

Since you’re going to a game you should check out the area near the stadium - it’s been improving quite steadily since the park opened. It’s not worth its own trip, but if you’re down there.