San Francisco

Anyone know of any powerlifting gyms or, at least, powerlifting friendly gyms in SF?

Currently I live in the East Contra Costa County and go to an AWESOME local gym; cheap, tractor tires, prowler, lifting platforms, good bars, glute-ham raise device, etc etc. However, in August I’m transferring to San Francisco State University and will be living in the city. Only gyms I know are my local gym, California Strength in San Ramon, and Diablo Barbell in Concord.

However, due to wanting to reduce travel time and not having tons of money for excessive transportation, I would prefer to find a gym in the city, specifically in South San Francisco, since I’ll be living there, but really, as long as I can get there via MUNI and a little walking, perfect.

I tried googling it but, while I got lots of names, I have no idea of how good any of these gyms are, quality and availability of equipment, and if they have any rules against olympic lifts, noise, etc.

Thanks in advance

Also, before anyone says it, I did do a search and did find an old post. However, while there was one gym I was able to put down on my list to check out from that post, it was also from almost four years ago, so wondering if possibly new info has popped up in four years.

Allegedly Jim Schmitz operates a gym somewhere in South city but I’ve yet to find anything beyond old ass geocities-style websites from 5+ years ago.

World Gym at 16th and DeHaro has 3 full racks with platforms, a reverse hyper and all the other standard commercial gym fare–they also sort of share space with a CF affiliate (Potrero Hill) that has a prowler and other goodies but as of right now World Gym lets CF use their equipment, but not the other way around…

As far as commercial gyms go, World Gym is by far the best, not only for the equipment but for who’s there: several competitive bodybuilders, two competitive powerlifters, two competitive strongmen and many skilled O lifters, just that I know of.

My GF went to SFSU and I was shocked when she told me they didn’t have a great facility for students given the size of the school. Apparently what facilities they do have they make students pay for… I’d put in some effort talking to people at SFSU about what’s available to you–if you compete in any strength sport you may be able to convince someone to let you use the athletes gym too.

Good luck.