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San Francisco Show

Will anyone be at the San Francisco Show this weekend? I heard Lee Preist can not compete because of heart problems. Anyone else heard any other rumors?

Does it really matter if he competes? He’d show up in perfect condition, blow everyone away on posing, etc; and STILL finish in 7th behind GASP: Cutler, Cormier(I can live with this one), FUCKING Titus?! Shari Kamali?! The pro ranks are a joke.

whats being said about Priest?

I was thinking about going. Just out of curiousity but I decided not to. So you work in South City, huh? I bet that the first 3 digits of your phone # are 225.

I can’t believe Gruel got 5th he looked better than JD Daewo for sure. And the judges totally overlooked Hans Hopstaken se was so frigging vascular and not even flat. Preist is still one hell of an inspiration, shit he only did cardio the last 3 weeks before the ironman and still placed 7th.