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San Francisco Gyms and Stores?


Hi All. I live in Australia and am coming over in June for a bit of a stay in San Francisco. I am looking for suggestions, preferably from people who live in San Fran but all comments welcome, for a gym to use for a short term. Maybe just a week or so.

Also, a suppliment store with a decent range of product. Not sure exactly where I will be staying yet so my apologies for that omission. However, any help would be much appreciated.

On a slightly different topic, what is the situation with "pro hormones" now in the US? Are they readily available? I am under the impression that some were banned but others are available.

I will be staying in a hotel which online supp stores seem to be a bit wary of for delivery, hence my query for a local store.


What hotel are you staying at in the city?

There are mostly corporate chain gyms around (11, 24 Hour Fitness’ for instance). I’d say the best bet is Gold’s Gym on Brannan, but as I said I can give you a better recommendation when I know what part of the city/hotel you are staying at.

As for supplement stores…the two best are probably The Vitamin Shoppe, on Van Ness near Pine, or Max Muscle which is in the Castro on Market and 16th. The Vitamin Shoppe is generally larger with more stock.

I’m not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure all pro hormones are illegal.


Thanks for the info. I will check out both stores. I am not certain where I will be staying yet so once I do I will send a PM to you or post again. I have been to San Fran once before but just for a night so I will have to do the Google Earth thing to orient myself.

Yep, I assumed the pro hormone stuff had been shut down. I guess that means that it is no more difficult now to get the “real thing”.


Lucky bastard.

The gyms in the states will most likely blow your mind. Not sure where in Aus u are but the gyms around my parts are shit(overcrowded and machines from the 80’s). Although i did see that a golds gym was opening in Sydney(or already open) ??

No wonder Aus is the fattest country in the world when the gyms are shit and overpriced and u can buy 2 king size mars bars for $3 and a protein bar costs over $5