San Fran seminar

Guys, I might be going to San Fran around January 4-12 to see one of my athlete play in the East West Shrine Bowl and was wondering if there would be some interest in an improvised seminar in that area.

Obviously since this doesn’t give much time for planning I’d need your answer right now. To have a seminar I’d need at least 10 entries by December 20-22th.

Another problem might be the area where to hold the seminar, ideally a gym. But since I don’t know any gym owners in that area I’d probably need some help for this.

Since it’s on short notice the cost of the seminar would be low, something like 100-125$ for 4 hours of info. Let me know if some of you are interested either on this forum or by email at

Mike (Mahler) are you still in that area? If so we could hold another joint seminar, if you have the time that is.

You bet I would be interested. Keep me posted, I live in Sacramento and it is only a short two hour drive.

I wonder how close Diablo Barbell is.

any possibility of doing it in LA?

i would love to go! unfortunatley i dont think i can swing the cost.

if its LA, I’m definately in…

I have and ex girlfriend in san fran…If she could host me jeje

I probably can go

but need a more specific date


While I am not currently in North America (I would definately be there if I were), I think this is a very good idea. I’m sure you can come up with at least 10 people for this.

As for location, have you ever heard of Diablo Barbell? While I don’t work out there myself (unfortunately), and I don’t mean to speak for them, I would suspect that they’d be interested. It’s a hard-core westside gym in the east-bay of San Francisco, and I’m pretty sure the guys there know of you. Jesse (from our Portland Seminar) works out there. In fact, he may work there… I can’t recall. Either way, he can point you in the direction of the gym’s owners.

They have a site and forum at the following address, perhaps you can contact them there if you find enough willing participants: