San Diego

I have to spend about 9 or 10 days in SD for work. I know, the pains we endure for the bettermen of mankind… So, I ask, if you had to work and play in and around the Marina and the Gaslight district, where we you go to enjoy the nightlife, enjoy the daytime (besides the Zoo) and of course the actual job I am supposed to do while out there.

Last time there, TC was cool enough to join me for a few T-beers, but I digress.

The Gaslamp is probably the best place to go out at night in San Diego. You can try Pacific Beach if you want a younger, college like crowd but in my opinion the Gaslamp is the place to be. Make sure the check out The Field, and awesome Irish bar in the Gaslamp on 5th street I think.

In terms of nightlife, the Gaslamp is probably the place to be. Just wander around on foot and you will find plenty of good bars and clubs. Depending on where you are staying, you may be close to the trolley if TJ appeals to you, as it will take you right to the border. For daytime fun there’s always the beach or beaches as may be more accurate.

If you like baseball, the Padre’s are in season and a short trolley ride away from the downtown. If you like expensive stuff or gawking at trophy wives with large implants, there’s always La Jolla. If you like looking at large implants in general, there are a few decent quality nudy bars in the area, as well as some crappy ones. On a related note, their are several indian casinos within about 45 min and they aren’t bad.

It occurs to me that despite the fact that I’ve been going to school here for a while, I really don’t know what to do in my spare time. That may be because I don’t seem to have any. This quarter’s book stack for school is measuring 25.5" so far-- that’s the price of a nerd school I suppose. Enough of my problems.

This is really depressing me now :slight_smile: sorry I couldn’t be of greater help.

i would definitley spend some time in p.b. hands down my favorite place on earth. not that ive been to many places but still. also train at the world’s gym in p.b. it is pretty bad ass.