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San Diego Up In Smoke


This is getting ridiculous. There's like 9 fires going, some fire official said structure fires could burn down to the coast if they don't get a handle on it. This is crazier than the cedar fire 4 years ago.


yeah, this shit is pretty crazy. the fires are about 10 miles from the house. i run a courier company, all the road closures are making my life hell right now.


Shit, I live in San Luis Obispo and we're even smoked out. Crazy shit.


Oh shit. I was there in PB for the fires 4 years ago. When I walked out side my truck was covered in ashes and the sun was blotted out. I though a nuke went off. I've helped build a lot of houses around there after the fires. Hopefully the damage is minimal and no one else gets killed.


The Otay fire was started by 2 teenage boys. I don't even have the words to say how disgusted I am with that.

Ash is falling in my front lawn.

This is worse than the Cedar fires. Then the winds only lasted 18-hours, they say these winds will last 3-days.



Just wanted to be the first non-California post in the thread...my condolences to you all.


I grew up in California and moved out for many many reasons; brush fires being low on the list.

But I can't feel sorry for the residents (unless they're injured). It's a shitty state.


speaking for myself as a native, I hope you choke on your opinion and your really cavalier sense of timing. Was it more important to share your caustic comment than to have a modicum of decency for those of us that do like it here and choose to live here?

This state is my home.

you're a shitty person


you should of been a blowjob


I can't believe its worse than the cedar fires. 250000 residences evacuated and the fire departments can't seem to get it under control.

Oh and record heat tomorrow.


From a tranny


spoken like a true bag o' douche. good riddens to bad garbage, glad your not here anymore.



I heard a quote today that this fire makes the Cedar Fire look like a camp fire. Latest report is the Witch Creek Fire is now 36 miles long and 18 miles wide. Unbelievable.

Hope everyone's safe!


I love how a couple of well-timed sentences are enough to get all you ladies' panties in a bunch.

I apologize, I'll try to force a tear of sympathy if that's what you expect the rest of the nation to do, as if we had no higher priorities.


Oh get off your attitude.

No one here asked to be your PRIORITY.

In the same vein, no one asked you to dump trash on a state and county that is on fire with 300,000 people without a home.

But your priority was to get on this thread and post an insult. You have a fucked sense of priority.

save your tears, they'd be as worthless as your opinion


so far the LA area hasn't been too badly affected. Although to the north Malibu is having some problems. I think Pepperdine may have damaged, but I'm not sure.


Get off my attitude, Miss Hypocricy? Who threw the first stone?

You're right, though. It's a god-awful shame that so many people are without a home, I hope the best for all of them, truly. I never said I rocked my jollies from their suffering, merely that the state of California as a whole, quite honestly, I hate.

You, on the other hand, in your skewed sense of heroism and self-righteousness, should have been one among the numbers to lose their home. Since obviously instead of contributing any humanitarian time have felt a greater desire to sit there on your chair and menstruate all over your quasi-benevolant bullshit statements.

On a side note, that's a gorgeous black lab you have.


yah, your post sure proved that I am the one that is skewed.

wishing someone loses their home.

your parents must be so proud.

done sharing your hate?


Sure, but if you tell me you honestly think Dianne Feinstein deserves to keep her job, then no.


and another thing, I can't leave right now, I may be evacuated. I have that gorgeous black lab that I have to be ready to leave with.

We have been told not to use the roads if possible.

And where I work, we have a fire department. I've spent the whole day coordinating supplies for our department. Making arrangements for their families. And I donated money. I didn't do all that hoping YOU would think I was worthy. I did that because there is a tragedy happening right now to people I know, in my neighborhood, in my town.

So yah, I am sitting here waiting to see if my home will burn.