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san diego on the 4th!!!

I need to ask a favor from my fellow T-brethren and T-sistren. One of my buddies and I want to come down to S.D. for the 4th of July. Problem is we just came up with this plan, and all of the hotels we have located online are asking ridiculous prices.

Does anyone in the S.D. area know of anywhere cheap that we could stay or someone that we could stay with? We just plan to be there for a couple of days, to get our party on (even though this is going to blow my diet).

Thanks a lot P-Dog.

Try looking for a hotel in La Mesa, El Cajon, Escondido, Mira Mesa, or somewhere. I’d guess most people only look for hotels in San Diego, but all those other places aren’t more then 10-15 minutes from San Diego.

Actually, in Little Italy there is a great “budget” hotel called La Pensione.

This is where I have stayed whenever in San Diego. Last summer was the fourth time I’ve stayed there. The cost was $75 a night. They have a website; perform a search for them.

There is also another hotel in the Gaslamp district that is around $80-88 a night and the rooms have kithenettes. Here, I did a search: www.villagerlodge.com/

Also, check this out: www.gaslamp.org/lodge.php

And this: www.sandiego.org/wheretostay.asp

well there is room in the hostels, but p-dog thnks he will get aids. can you please explain to this geek that you can’t get aids from sleeping on a bed. tia

I’m going to Vegas. Staying at the Mandalay Bay. Should be tons of fun…


hey im up for vegas, can you take me with you? j/k


I second Pat’s recommendation. I stayed at Marriott Marina by Hyatt when I went to San Diego, and that hotel was HIDEOUSLY expensive! (altho very very nice!)