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San Bernardino Shooting


At least 14 people killed


My heart goes out to the families of the victims.

Has Obama talked yet about stricter gun control? He usually hits the airwaves pretty quickly after something like this happens. As if stricter gun control laws would have prevented this action.


this version I just read:

It sounds like a well planned thing by several people with long guns who wanted to gun down developmental disability workers. I get the feeling the clients didn't likely orchestrate this, if they had a big enough beef.

So, at this early stage my money is on regular terrorists that we have been reading about. We'll see if I am right.





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Might be homegrown domestic terrorism. The latest: the health inspector suspect has a Muslim name and attacked a Christmas party.

So if it's related to ISIS or al-Qaeda, or influenced by them, let's ban all guns.


Great idea!

"The one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in world," - Obama

If this is domestic terrorism, it goes beyond the scope of American gun violence. It's an attack on our country, an act of freaking war!

Instead of taking the fight to and destroying them, let's just talk about doing it while getting attacked by ISIS and their followers at home and across the globe.

Total ineptitude.

I never thought there could be a worse administration than Carter's.


Before someone asks how this is Obama's fault, let me just say this: Thursday last week he was on National Television saying there was no credible terrorist threat to America. Never mind blaming radical MUSLIMS...he now proposes stricter gun control. We've been "at war" with these freaking people for about a year now. They seem to grow stronger, though totally "contained" while this administration sits with their thumbs in their ass instead of coming up with a comprehensive plan to destroy these bastards!


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That's exactly right. Maybe if we tell obama that ISIS's goal is to hurt the environment for our children, not merely spread terror, he would send in the full force of the American military.

Dudes named Syed and Tashfeen.... hmmm, I wonder what this could be? Clearly this is just work place violence. Just another act by violent right wing extremist gun owners.
It we just had more gun control, terrorism would just evaporate! After all where are they going to get their guns if not Bob's Gun Shop?
ISIS bought all their weapons at Bass Pro Shop in Texas and then snuck it into Syria.


It was the first thing he did.


Are you sure? I assume Saudi Arabia can be pretty hot in the spring, and in a wedding dress, that's probably why the woman joined in the event yesterday.


This Obama guy really doesn't want it to be terrorism.

"Still, it wasn't necessarily the only driver behind the carnage as workplace grievances may have also played a role. President Barack Obama hinted as much Thursday when he said that the attackers may have had "mixed motives."

"Yet Farook himself had communicated by phone and via social media with more than one person being investigated for terrorism, law enforcement officials said. A separate U.S. government official said the 28-year-old has "overseas communications and associations."


^ That is astonishing.

I actually think there is going to be a small, but noticiable bask lash to the PC, head-in-the sand approach to radical Islam. Mainstream media and sensible democrats included.

It's funny, Obummer does not jump to conclusions on motive, but he sure does on enacting legislation! Lol


Yep. Maybe they will scrub their electronics and find they visited a Tea Party website. There is no telling where this could lead.