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San Antonio TRT Doc?


I have read the stickies on finding a local doc.

-It was a no go with my regular doc.

-Local compounding pharmacist gave me a couple of names of progressive family docs but they don't have any openings for new patients for 7 weeks.

-I'm about ready to break down and spend the bucs and go the internet route but would really like to find a doc that will take my insurance

Any suggestions on docs in San Antonio or Houston that are acessable and take insurance?


sorry, I only know a few in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


Got labs done at this point? You can get those done on your own. If you are younger, you should also test LH/FSH. Once TRT is started, it is too late to get that status.


Met with a Doc last week and will have results next Tuesday. I'll post the labs at that point.


Got my labs back today. I'm about to turn 39.

DHEA 165
Vit D, 25-hydroxy 30.2
T 288
Prostate .3

Doc said I was low in DHEA, Vit D and T and prostate was good.

Prescribed- T creme at .5ml twice per day
- DHEA 25mg 1x daily
- Vit D 5000iu twice per day

Any thoughts?


what are your symptoms?

did you check out your thyroid, cortisol functions?
what about estradiol or ferritin?
Free or bio-available Testosterone?

what about LH/FSH? you need to find out if you are primary or secondary to see if you need an MRI to rule out a pituitary tumor.


Looking for a Doc to prescribe Testosterone in San Antonio…any suggestions?