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San Antonio T-Cell


Hello All,

I used to work out pretty decently but kind of slipped the past couple of years. I am looking for a workout partner or a group of like minded people to work out with in San Antonio. I would have to classify myself as a beginner because of my strength is down but I'm pretty knowledgable, at least I think so) in working out and nutrition (thanks to T-Nation). I work out at Gold's Gym. I know, I know ...don't hate me for it. I usually am the only one there doing squats and deads. Anyways, if anybody's interested let me know.


Yo, I'm in SA quite often. I live an hour away. Anyone else in the area ame for a Central Texas T-Cell?


I live on the southeast side of S.A. and workout at a small gym that used to train boxers but is open to the public now. Feel free to contact me.